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RKO Pictures (formerly RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.)Slash.pngUniversal Pictures Character
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Ann Darrow
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Actress
Related to Jack Driscoll (Love interest)
First Appearance King Kong (1933)
Played by Fay WrayKK33,
Jodi BensonTMK,
Naomi WattsKK05

Ann Darrow is an actress and one of the main characters in the 1933 and 2005 versions of King Kong, as well as the 1998 animated musical The Mighty Kong.


King Kong (1933)

Ann Darrow was a woman in New York. little information was given on her background other than that she was a widow who once did work as an extra in films. She was first seen wanting to steal from a fruit stand, she did not take anything, but was still caught by the shopkeeper and bailed out by Carl Denham. Denham bought Ann dinner at a local cafe and signed her on for a starring role in a movie. On the S.S. Venture, Ann met Jack Driscoll, who initially wanted nothing to do with her, claiming that women have no place on ships, but later Driscoll developed romantic feelings for Ann. On Kong's Island, Ann was kidnapped and sacrificed to the god Kong. Ann was protected by Kong from the many threats on the island (and Ann's rescue party). She was later rescued by Jack Driscoll. Kong was captured and was brought back to New York. She was present at Kong's unveiling, which led to his escape. Ann and her new fiancee Jack Driscoll fled, which led Kong to pursue them. Kong found Ann, and took her to the top of the Empire State building. she was then put down (likely unconscious) and was not seen again in the film.

The Mighty Kong (1998)

Ann worked as an extra in films before falling on hard times and attempting to steal an apple. She was caught in the act but saved by C.B. Denham, who talked her into signing on as his lead actress in a film, which ann agreed to with the hopes of becoming a movie star. She made her way to the Java Queen, C.B.'s ship, where she met the cabin boy Ricky and his monkey Chips. They go onto the ship, where they are nearly crushed by falling cargo, which makes the first mate Jack Driscoll scream at them to go below decks. Ann then begins to doubt her plight for fame, but Ricky reminds her that she has nothing to lose by trying. Ricky later fell ill, and Ann took over his duties and delivered dinner to the Captain. Denham and Driscoll were dining with him, and did not recognize Darrow under her rain gear, and Driscoll repeatedly insulted her for being a woman and a jinx. She then dumped clam chowder on his head. After six weeks at sea, they arrived at Skull Island, where C.B. upset the natives, and they were chased back to the ship, where she and Driscoll decided they were in love. She was then kidnapped by natives, and she was taken up a volcano, where she was taken by Kong. Kong took her to his volcano lair, where he doused her in a waterfall and threw her in a pond before drying her off with his breath. They were then attacked by dinosaurs and a snake, so Kong put her down, and Driscoll took her back to the shore, where Kong was incapacitated with gas bombs and taken back to New York, where Ann starred in a show with him. Ann felt pity for the captive ape, but he escaped upon perceiving Ann was in danger. Ann hid, but watched as he fell from the Empire State Building after a failed attempt to capture Kong alive, but he survived.

King Kong (2005)

Ann "Annie" Darrow was a Vaudeville actress in New York. The theater she worked in was shut down, leaving her penniless and out-of-work. She was told by one of her now former co-workers to audition for a play, but the play's producer turned her down and told her to go work in burlesque. She then attempted to steal an apple from a fruit stand, but was caught. She was saved from punishment by Carl Denham, who then offered her a role in a film. She initially declined, but changed her mind when she is told that her favourite author, Jack Driscoll, was writing the screenplay. When she boarded the Venture, she initially mistook the sound co-ordinator for Driscoll, but soon discovered that she was wrong, much to the dismay of the sound co-coordinator. She was part of the party that initially went to Skull Island, but she was soon kidnapped by a stowaway islander. She was "sacrificed" to Kong before they realized she was missing. After she was taken by Kong to where he presumably killed the other sacrifices, she, much to his surprise, fought back, leading him to grow angry and flee with her to what was likely his "home". Kong initially seemed intent on killing Darrow, but came to like her when she preformed her old Vaudeville routine for him, and tought him the meaning of beauty. Kong fiercely protected Ann, nearly killing himself and her human rescue party in the process. She was later rescued by Jack Driscoll. When Kong pursued Darrow, He was captured by Carl Denham to be put on display in New York. Darrow was shown to be greatly distraught when Kong was put in captivity. She did not even want to be part of Denham's show glorifying her Skull Island adventure. When Kong escaped Denham's theater, he sought out Darrow and scaled the Empire State Building with her in hand. Darrow remained with Kong at the summit of the concrete jungle for most of the fight that would be her friend's downfall. Kong tried to move Darrow to safety when he knew he was defeated, but Darrow, being so concerned for her friend, climbed back to the top of the building in an attempt to stop the planes from firing on him. after Kong fell off the building, she was comforted by Driscoll.


King Kong (1932)

Ann's parents died when she was young and she lived with an uncle who took her inheritance and treated her poorly. She escaped to New York, and became a former small role actress living in poverty since the studio she worked at had closed down. She was then found being wrongfully accused of stealing an apple by Carl Denham, who took her to dinner and enticed her to join his film cast. They sailed on the Wanderer, where she was treated with uncertainty by the first mate Jack Driscoll, who the next day accidentally slapped her across the face by gesticulating too vigorously without knowing Ann was right behind him. He apologized and tried to make up for it, and in the weeks that followed they became fast friends. It was Denham who pointed out Ann's effect on the behavior of the cook's monkey Ignatz, which made him compare them to Beauty and the Beast, which he later revealed was the theme of his film.

Kong: King of Skull Island

To be added.

King Kong: The Island of the Skull

In the continuity of the 2005 film, Ann had long been interested in acting on the screen, and moved to New York to follow her dream. In 1932, Ann went in for an interview with a casting agent that landed her a spot in a show at Steel Pier in Atlantic City riding diving horses. When she arrived, however, she found that the position had already been filled. She was then given a job in the Diving bell instead, and was moved into an apartment with two other pier workers. After weeks of working the diving bell, Ann struck a deal with one of her roommates's boyfriends in which he would talk to the Pier owner about promoting Ann to horse diver of she would come to his club on Fridays. Ann agreed, and at the end of the day, Mr. Nadler, the pier owner came to give her her promotion. She quickly received dive training, as she already knew how to ride thanks to summers spent on her grandfather's farm. She then took a practice dive and prepared for her first show. After working the diving horses for a few weeks and choosing a horse that was often accused of being ornery named Belle. She quickly received dive training, as she already knew how to ride thanks to summers spent on her grandfather's farm. She then took a practice dive and prepared for her first show. That evening, she accompanied her roommates to the club, which quickly made Ann uncomfortable. She took one of her friends into the bathroom to discuss faking an illness to leave early, but the club was invaded by mobsters. From the cover of the ladies room, Ann noticed that one of her friends had gone down, and she traveled through the veil of gun smoke to help her out. After the escape, Ann went back to work, and quickly discovered that her horse was sick. Despite Ann insisting that a veterinarian take a look at it, Nadler still had the horse dive. Up on the diving platform, The horse urinated and slipped. the two fell through the air and into the water. Ann was unharmed, but the horse broke its leg, and had to be put down. She then quit the job, and received a telegraph from her friend Manny in New York that a new show had opened and that he had got them a job in it.


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