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The Bankids in Flying Saucer War Bankid
Team Members
Noboru Tenma (Leader),
Ryuuichi Uzaki,
Ryuuji Uzaki,
Ichiro Ushijima,
Honoka Shiratori
Species Nicknames
Humans Bankid 1-5
Allies Enemies
Each other All Flying Saucer War Bankid kaiju
First Appearance Latest Appearance
Flying Saucer War Bankid Flying Saucer War Bankid

The Bankids (バンキッド,   Bankiddo?) are a sentai-like team created by Toho that first appeared in the 1976 tokusatsu series, Flying Saucer War Bankid


All of the Bankids' costumes look exactly the same with the exception of their color schemes. They have a colored body with a silver V on their chests. The same shape is on their boots. They all have silver shoulder pads and gloves. Their faces are all blank, but they wear a silver helmet/mask piece. They each have a red downwards pointing arrows (↓) on their foreheads and different amounts of golden stars across their faces. Finally, they have matching multi-colored belts and belt buckles.

Pegasus, the red Bankid is unlike the rest of the Bankids because half of his body is a different color from the other half. His upper half is red and his lower half is white. Also unlike the rest, his boots are blue instead of brown. He has 1 gold star on his face, indicating he is Bankid 1 and the leader of them all.

Dragon, the male yellow Bankid dons a yellow suit. His silver chest V is smaller than the rest and does not go all the way down to his belt buckle nor does it reach up to his shoulder pads. He has 2 gold stars on his face indicating he is Bankid 2.

Rabbit, the female yellow Bankid also dons a yellow suit. Like her brother, her chest V is smaller the the others. She is the shortest of the Bankids, and her belt, boots, helmet, and gloves are noticeably too big for her. She has 3 gold stars on her face indicating she is Bankid 3.

Ox, the blue Bankid wears a blue suit. He has 4 gold stars on his face indicating he is Bankid 4

Swan, the pink Bankid wears a pink suit. She is the skinniest of the Bankids, and wears her belt high on her waist. She has 5 stars on her face indicating she is Bankid 5.


Flying Saucer War Bankid

The Bankids fought monsters throughout the 26 episode-series.


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