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Godzilla Game
City Shrouded in Shadow
City Shrouded in Shadow
Developed by Published by
Granzella Bandai Namco
Platforms Languages
PlayStation 4,
PlayStation Vita
Survival, RPG, Action-Adventure

City Shrouded in Shadow is an upcoming survival RPG game developed by Granzella and published by Bandai Namco for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita systems. The game utilizes licenses to multiple franchises, including both the Godzilla and Ultraman franchises.


City Shrouded in Shadow is an survival/role-playing game in which the player assumes the role of a powerless civilian caught in the middle of a kaiju attack. The goal of the game is simply to survive, generally through fleeing the attacking creatures. The game's main antagonists are strange shadowy creatures that can assume the form of other creatures, including Ultraman. The real Ultraman appears as well, serving as a protector that defends the city and battles the shadow creatures. Godzilla is also confirmed to appear in the game, while the player must flee from him whenever he makes landfall. Famitsu's scans for the game also feature a silhouette that strongly resembles Evangelion Unit-01.





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one day 21 hours 37 minutes ago
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Is this game dead now? There hasn't been any recent news about it.

The King of the Monsters

one day 19 hours 45 minutes ago
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The developer confirmed a little while ago that the game was still in development and wouldn't be cancelled.

Indominus Rex 2016

5 months ago
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Who's next to join the game Gamera?


5 months ago
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I dont think that he will appear but it would be nice.