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Commander Hell in The War in Space
Commander Hell
Nicknames Hell Commander
Subtitle Galactic Empire Expeditionary Force
(銀河帝国遠征軍,   Ginga Teikoku Ensei-gun?)[1]
Species Extraterrestrial
Height 2 meters[2]
Weight 100 kilograms[2]
Allies Space Beastman
Portrayed Goro Mutsumi
First Appearance Latest Appearance
The War in Space The War in Space

Commander Hell (司令官ヘル,   Shirei-kan Heru?) is a kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in the 1977 kaiju film, The War in Space.


Commander Hell appears to be based off a Roman soldier, wearing a galea atop his head and light torso armor. Being an alien, Commander Hell has green skin. He also carries a large cobra-like staff.


The War in Space




Commander Hell wields a large, cobra-like staff that can release a powerful force from its base. This force can blow people and other objects back.


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