Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon

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The Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon in Go! Ushiwaka Kotaro
Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon
Species Demon
Allies Kounjo
Enemies Ushiwaka Kotaro, Nyuudou, Uragira
Portrayed Masashi Amenomori (Voice)
First Appearance Go! Ushiwaka Kotaro Episode 15:
Volume of the Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon

The Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon (栗に負けた鬼,   Kuri ni Maketa Oni?) is an oni yokai created by Toho that first appeared in episode 15 of the 1974 tokusatsu yokai series, Go! Ushiwaka Kotaro, titled Volume of the Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon.


The Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon's name is simply derived from the plot of the episode in which he appears, where the demon is encountered by Nyuudou while picking chestnuts, and is ultimately defeated by them.


The Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon resembles a typical demon, with some defining features such as horns and fangs. His entire body is brown in color, and he wears an orange garment over his midsection.


Showa Series

Go! Ushiwaka Kotaro

Volume of the Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon




  • The Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon wields a short, scimitar-like sword.


  • The Defeated-by-a-Chestnut Demon, true to its name, is seemingly weak to chestnuts, and was ultimately defeated by them after they had been roasted.


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12 days ago
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What an absolutely pathetic creature. Not much of a good demon if it got defeated by a chestnut.