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BOOM! Studios Logo.png Character
Ewata in Kong of Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality Polynesian
Occupation Queen of the Taguatu
Kong trainer (formerly)
Related to K'vanni (Daughter),
Prince K'reti (Husband),
Sani (Cousin)
First Appearance Kong of Skull Island #1
There will always be things scarier than you out there. But with respect, comes love. Fear only dictates what we run from. Love determines what we fight for. „ 

— Ewata to Usana on their peoples' Kong training strategies. in Issue 1

Ewata is a Kong trainer turned Queen of the Taguatu, who is the main character of the 2016 comic series Kong of Skull Island.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #1

Ewata was a Kong trainer for the Tagu people, who fought her Kong against those of the Atu tribe in a regular ritual. While watching her Kong Fer'rah compete with an Atu Kong, she remarked to her Kong friend Valla that if Fer'rah continued to perform as well as he was, that they may have found her a mate. Just as she said this, Fer'rah noticed a volcano starting to smoke and tried to exit the arena, causing much turmoil in the crowd, who ran away from him. Ewata, however, was able to calm Fer'rah with a Scent Trigger. Ewata then conceded the match as an apology for upsetting the people. The Atu took this as a sign that their culture was blessed by their many gods and celebrated accordingly while Ewata bandaged Fer'rah's arm and prepared to get her Kong onto a ship to find grazing grounds for them. As the ships are loaded Ewata's lover, Prince K'reti, came to see her. Ewata tried to get him to get his father to allow them to have a wedding ceremony, but K'reti said that they would have to wait for a better time. As they walked, V'drell's daughter Usana came to tell them that K'reti had been summoned by their fathers to the Great Mouth volcano. With K'reti gone, Ewata and Usana discussed the Kong match, and Usana suggested that if she trained her Kong to fear her, their animal instincts would not effect their battles, but Ewata maintained that she preferred to raise her Kong on a principle of mutual respect. While loading the Kong ship, Ewata found her cousin Sani the Storyteller, and they discussed the Kong fights. Unfortunately, Gret, an Atu Kong trainer who grew angry at a remark Ewata was about to make about the Atu antics. This lead to an argument about the Atu's claim to the island's Kong grazing grounds,

Kong of Skull Island #2

Through the ensuing carnage, Ewata was able to have her Kong friend Valla and another Kong named Konga to flip the boat back upright. After getting the remaining survivors on board, Ewata was forced to abandon Fer'rah, who was fighting the monsters off in order for them to be able to escape. On the ride home, Ewata revealed to Valla that she was two months pregnant. However, when they returned home, after getting the wounded to healers, Ewata witnessed the marriage festival of her husband prince K'reti, whom she had married in secret some months earlier, to the Atu princess Usana, as a part of an attempt to politically unify the tribes, as arranged by their respective fathers. Ewata's despair was not allowed to last long, as shortly after seeing this, the island began a mass evacuation to escape the eruption of the Great Mouth volcano. Unfortunately Ewata discovered that one of the Kong ships had sailed away in their absence, and the winds would have carried them directly to Skull Island.

Kong of Skull Island #3

In the eruption, the violent Atu Kong escaped their enclosures and began to rampage, and so K'reti and Usana approached Ewata to use her Kong to protect the people. She assigned the Kong Tuno and Takani to get the Tagu and Atu peoples to safety, while Valla fought off many of the rampaging Kong, but in Ewata's attempt to subdue the final rampaging beast, she accidentally stabbed it through the eye and killed it. After this, Ewata boarded one of the ships that sailed to Skull Island to escape the lava. There she saw the lost ship that had set sail before them crashed on the rocks and coated with the entrails of its passengers, and prepared to siege the shore.

Kong of Skull Island #4

Kong of Skull Island #5

Kong of Skull Island #6

Kong of Skull Island #7

Kong of Skull Island #8

Kong of Skull Island #9

Kong of Skull Island #10

Kong of Skull Island #11

Kong of Skull Island #12



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