GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse

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GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse
Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse
Author Renji Ōki, Gen Urobuchi (Supervisor)
Publisher Kadokawa
Publish Date October 25, 2017
Genre Novel
ISBN ISBN-13: 9784041061817
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GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse (GODZILLA 怪獣黙示録,   Gojira Kaijū Mokushiroku?) is a Japanese prequel novel to the upcoming 2017 animated Godzilla film GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters, written by Renji Ōki and supervised by the film's writer Gen Urobuchi and published by Kadokawa. It will be released on October 25, 2017.[1]


この小説は、映画『GODZILLA 怪獣惑星』の前日譚に当たる物語です。 「なぜ人類は故郷である地球を捨てなくてはならなかったのか?」、「ゴジラが出現する前、怪獣と人類の間に何があったのか?」、「そして、ゴジラとの接触・・・」。 最前線の兵士だった者、彼らを指揮する将官あるいは政治家、科学者だった者、あるいは一般市民、幼い子供だった者、一人一人の証言から紐解かれる怪獣黙示録とは―――。

映画本編では決して語られることのない、謎に満ちたアニメーション映画『GODZILLA 怪獣惑星』の前史を読み解く唯一無二の小説が誕生しました。

小説刊行にあたり、映画のストーリー原案と脚本を担当し、小説『GODZILLA 怪獣黙示録』の監修も務めた虚淵玄氏よりコメントが到着![1]


This novel is a story about what happened before the events of the movie GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters. "Why did the human race have to abandon the earth, which is its home? What happened between the monsters and the human race before Godzilla appeared? And contact with Godzilla..." The monster apocalypse is recounted from the testimony of a people who were soldiers at the forefront, generals or politicians, scientists, or people who were just young children or citizens.

The one and only novel which acts as a prequel to GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters, explaining that which is not seen in the film.

The novel GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse is supervised by Gen Urobuchi, who conceived the story and wrote the screenplay for the film!




  • This novel incorporates several kaiju whose names were mentioned in the official timeline for GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters distributed at AnimeJapan 2017, but whose inclusion in the film itself is not confirmed.


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Guess Dogora won't be appearing in the film after all. God damn it.


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This better have an English-language release. Please.