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Toho Company, Limited Monster
Gororin in Godzilla Island
Species Nicknames
Cactus Ball None
Height Length
 ?? meters None
Weight Forms
 ?? tons None
Controlled by Relationships
Landes None
Allies Enemies

Godzilla, Anguirus, Mechagodzilla, Moguera
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Godzilla Island Episode 180: I Must Know The Secret 

Gororin (ゴロリン,   Gororin?) is a cactus ball kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 180 of Godzilla Island, I Must Know The Secret.


Gororin was a cactus ball sent to Godzilla Island by Landes.


Godzilla Island

Gororin first appeared the Godzilla Island episode, I Must Know the Secret. Landes sent him to Godzilla Island to attack the other monsters. Anguirus went over to him, but he was attacked. Anguirus was blamed by the G-Guard Commander, saying he was making too much noise. Gororin then attacked the other monsters with his spikes, and it broke off from the ground and started to roll around. Gororin was too strong for the other monsters, and Godzilla's heat ray had no effect. He attacked Anguirus while he was sleeping, but he could not penetrate his carapace. Gororin tried to attack the G-Guard Commander, but Anguirus pinned him against a wall with his carapace. Moguera arrived with a special type of weed killer, and Gororin's spikes fell off. He was kicked around like a soccer ball, but Godzilla kicked him into Landes's ship, killing him.


  • Gororin has very sharp needles that can detach and fire off of its body and storms down on to its opponents.


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  • Gororin is the only monster created for Godzilla Island that has an original design and is not derived from any pre-existing character.

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