Haruo Nakajima

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Haruo Nakajima
Haruo Nakajima
Character(s) Played Godzilla, Invisible Man Akita, Meganulon, Rodan, Moguera, Second Dissolved Sailor, Varan, Transitional Human Vapor, Mothra, Maguma, Matango, Baragon, Gaira, King Kong, Griffon, Giant Rat, Bat Person, Gezora, Ganimes
Birthday January 1, 1929
Birthplace Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
First Work Godzilla (1954)
Notable Work Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)
Inside the Godzilla suit, it was very dark, lonely, and isolated. Usually the person who wears the suit becomes nervous and anxious. During summertime it’s very hot, it can become hell in there. But Mr. Nakajima always persevered. He acted in the suit underwater, he was buried underground, he withstood pyrotechnic explosions… and through it all he was always Godzilla. „ 

Teruyoshi Nakano on Haruo Nakajima

Haruo Nakajima (中島春雄,   Nakajima Haruo?) was born on January 1, 1929 in Yamagata, Japan and is a well-known former Japanese actor and stuntman. Nakajima is best known for his role as Godzilla and numerous other kaiju during the Showa era. He retired from suit acting in 1972 after the death of Eiji Tsuburaya, who was a close friend of Nakajima as well as the special effects director for most of Toho's kaiju films in the Showoa era. He has recently released an autobiography.

Kaiju Filmography


Along with appearing as Toho's main suit actor, Haruo Nakajima also appeared in Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra series.

Ultra Q (1966)

  • Ultra Q Episode 1, "Defeat Gomess" (Gomess)
  • Ultra Q Episode 18, "The Rainbow Egg" (Pagos)

Ultraman (1966-1967)

  • Ultraman Episode 3, "Science Patrol, Move Out" (Neronga)
  • Ultraman Episode 9, "Lightning Operation" (Gabora)
  • Ultraman Episode 10, "The Mysterious Dinosaur Base" (Jirass)
  • Ultraman Episode 38, "The Spaceship Rescue Command" (Kiyla)

He of the Sun (1967)

  • He of the Sun Episode 2 (Gaira)

Ultraseven (1967-1968)

  • Ultraseven Episode 17, "Underground Go! Go! Go!" (U-Tom)



  • Nakajima's only serious injury sustained while playing a kaiju took place during the filming of Varan, when an exploding truck burned his stomach.[1]

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