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Movie Monster
King Kong in The LEGO Batman Movie
King Kong
Species Enormous Ape
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Controlled by Joker
Relations None
Allies Joker
Enemies Batman, Gotham City
Created by Chris McKay
Portrayed Animation, Seth Green
First Appearance Latest Appearance
The LEGO Batman Movie The LEGO Batman Movie

King Kong is a giant ape monster created by Warner Brothers that first appeared in the 2016 animated film, The LEGO Batman Movie.


Kong is designed to resemble a LEGO minifigure that resembles a gorilla, with short legs, and defined pectoral muscles with red nipples. Unlike most of the other characters in the film, is not comprised of traditional LEGO minifigure parts, but rather of LEGO bricks assembled in such a way as to resemble much larger versions of the minifigure components.


Kong was a villainous presence at some point, and because of it he was banished to the extradimensional prison known as The Phantom Zone


The LEGO Batman Movie

Kong spent an unspecified amount of Time in the Phantom Zone with other famous movie and monsters and villains until The Joker of the Batman Franchise arrived and staged a prison break and unleashed them all on Gotham City to seek revenge on Batman for not recognizing him as his greatest rival. Kong began to climb and destroy buildings with the aid of an unnamed reptilian monster, and jumped onto one where Batman and his associates were hiding, causing it to snap and begin to collapse. Kong attempted to capture the heroes, but they escaped him. They quickly built a plane, and Kong scaled a building to take a swipe at it, but missed. Later on, while at Wayne Manor, Kong caught the plane and tore its wings off. He then chased the plane's passengers as they ran into the surrounding forest, and cornered them with the aid of a group of Daleks. He began to try to eat the plane when he was hit in the face with an automobile that had been set to self-destruct. The resulting explosion sent him tumbling into the water below.


Physical Strength

Kong has immense strength that allows him to topple buildings with his body, and tear apart airplanes.


  • The LEGO Batman Movie


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