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BOOM! Studios Logo.png Monster
Valla in Kong of Skull Island
Subtitle The Untamed
Species Tagu Kong
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Controlled by Ewata
Relations King Kong (Adoptive son)
Allies Ewata, Tuno, Takani, King Kong
Enemies Deathrunners, Ghost
Created by James Asmus
Portrayed Comic illustration
First Appearance Latest Appearance
Kong of Skull Island #1 Kong of Skull Island #12
Designs None

Valla is a giant ape monster created by BOOM! Studios that first appeared in the 2016 comic, Kong of Skull Island #1.


Valla is an enormous gorilla-like ape, very similar to her fellow Kong in all respects, but bears the distinction of often being drawn with a pinkish tint in her fur.


Valla was one of the Tagu Kong bred and raised by Kong trainer Ewata until she killed the Atu Shaman and was banished from the village to live among the monsters of Skull Island, despite Ewata having committed the crime.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #1

After a fight in the Kong pits, Valla's friend and trainer Ewata took her and her fellow Tagu Kong to search for islands to graze on. Unfortunately, the tides took control of the boats and they drifted to Skull Island, where they were attacked by Pteranodons.

Kong of Skull Island #2

A Gigantic Iguana tipped the boat, and Valla and a Kong named Konga turned it upright while the rest of their kind fought off the monsters. After the battle, while sailing home from Skull Island, Ewata revealed to Valla that she was two months pregnant.

Kong of Skull Island #3

During a volcanic eruption on the island, the undisciplined Atu Kong escaped their pens and began to rampage. Valla calmed them and fought them off while her fellow Tagu Kong helped the humans to escape before boarding the Kong ships to sail for a new home, but the tides took them back to Skull Island.

Kong of Skull Island #4

After Ewata's husband K'reti was murdered, she sought comfort with Valla, but was informed that the Kong were acting restless and fearful of threats over their wall.

Kong of Skull Island #5

Five days after their arrival to Skull Island, Valla discovered a blood trail left by a Deathrunner attack. She and Ewata then formed a party to follow it into the jungle and eliminate the Deathrunners at their home. On their way through the jungle they encountered many Deathrunners, against which Valla fought diligently, and even was able to weaponize a Triceratops skull she found to slay some.

Kong of Skull Island #6

They eventually came to the home of the Deathrunners, where Ewata was nearly killed by V'Drell, the Atu Shaman who sought to eliminate the royal bloodline by killing her and by extension the child inside her. Valla noticed at that time, a group of Deathrunners leaving the battle at the call of their master, Gaw, who had attacked the party that had waited outside the nest. Valla then sa V'Drell attacking. She attempted to save Ewata, but the shaman threw poison scents in her face. Ewata then crushed his head with a rock. Valla was then burdened with the blame for killing V'Drell, and was branded a fugitive. Ewata used her political influence to spare her life, but she was banished from the village and forced to live in the jungles.

Kong of Skull Island #7

Valla sneaked to the Wall to watch Ewata's coronation ceremony, and stalked back to her lair where she was later awoken by the cries of an injured miner. He was incredibly frightful of Valla, recognizing her as the Untamed Kong that killed the Shaman, but all the same she carried him back to the wall, where Ewata talks the guards into sparing her as a sign of gratitude. As she made her way back, she discovered a trap laid by hunters who hated the Kong in the form of a scent trigger filled dummy. Valla accidentally unleashed the scent designed to bring up savage tendencies, and kills one of the hunters before attacking two Deathrunners that were in turn attacking a triceratops. After brutally murdering the Deathrunners she heard the cries of an infant Kong. She jumped into water to find a small cave with the baby inside. it had heavy scarring on its back, but as she reached for him, its mother, Ghost yanked him away from her.

Kong of Skull Island #8

Valla and Ghost fight for the infant, that Valla calls "K'in", and in the fight he is taken away by Pteranodons that drop him into a group of Kong hunters. Valla tries desperately to save him while Ghost just tries to kill her. Eventually, Valla rescues him and Ghost falls into a faulty mine shaft. Valla then delivers K'in over the wall to the humans.


Physical Strength

Valla, like all Kong, has exhibited enormous physical strength and endurance that allowed her to hold her own in the jungles of Skull Island.




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