"A Destined Encounter"

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Warrior of Love Rainbowman episodes
"A Destined Encounter"
"Go! Warrior of Love"
"A Destined Encounter"
A Destined Encounter
Series Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Episode # 1
Directed by Yu Hazama,
Nobuhiro Okaseko
Air date October 10, 1982

"A Destined Encounter" (宿命の出会い,   Shukumei no deai) is the first episode of the Warrior of Love Rainbowman animated series. It is currently considered lost media, and is not known to be recorded or available to view. Despite this, some frames are preserved through flashbacks and recaps in later episodes.


After wrestling champion Takeshi Yamato is attacked by a mutant Deathnoid, he travels to find the mystic yogi Deva Datta. At some point on his travels, he spots the suspicious Fairie Rosé in human disguise. While searching for the man, he is shot down by members of the Die Die Gang, but is healed by the mystic Deva Datta, who begins to train him as an apprentice.


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