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|nicknames        =Angilas, Angurus, Angorus, Boryuanguirus, Angilasaurus, {{tt|Angillus|Spain release of Godzilla vs. Gigan}}, Anguillas, Anzilla, Angy, Killer of the Living{{sup|[[Godzilla Raids Again#U.S. Release|GtFM]]}}
|nicknames        =Angilas, Angurus, Angorus, Boryuanguirus, Angilasaurus, {{tt|Angillus|Spain release of Godzilla vs. Gigan}}, Anguillas, Anzilla, Angy, Killer of the Living{{sup|[[Godzilla Raids Again#U.S. Release|GtFM]]}}
|height          ={{Ishowa}}60 meters<ref name="GodzillaCompendium">{{cite book|title=[[The Official Godzilla Compendium]]|author=J.D. Lees, Marc Cerasini|date=24 March [[1998]]|publisher=[[Random House]]|page=118|isbn=0279888225}}[[File:Compendium1.png|center|150px]]</ref><br>{{Imill}}40 meters {{Small|(Quadrupedal)}}<ref name="Godzilla Deciphered p111"/><br>90 meters {{small|(Standing upright)}}<ref name="Godzilla Deciphered p111"/><ref name="TSEAMEncyclopedia2">{{cite book|title=[[Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia]]|date=23 July [[2014]]|publisher=[[Shogakukan]]|page=118|isbn=4-096-82090-3}}[[File:Anguirus90meters60000metrictons.jpeg|200px]]</ref>
|height          ={{Ishowa}}60 meters<ref name="GodzillaCompendium">{{cite book|title=[[The Official Godzilla Compendium]]|author=J.D. Lees, Marc Cerasini|date=24 March [[1998]]|publisher=[[Random House]]|page=118|isbn=0279888225}}<br>[[File:Compendium1.png|150px]]</ref><br>{{Imill}}40 meters {{Small|(Quadrupedal)}}<ref name="Godzilla Deciphered p111"/><br>90 meters {{small|(Standing upright)}}<ref name="Godzilla Deciphered p111"/><ref name="TSEAMEncyclopedia2">{{cite book|title=[[Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia]]|date=23 July [[2014]]|publisher=[[Shogakukan]]|page=118|isbn=4-096-82090-3}}<br>[[File:Anguirus90meters60000metrictons.jpeg|150px]]</ref>
|length          ={{Ishowa}}100 meters<ref name="GodzillaCompendium"/><br>{{Imill}}160 meters<ref name="Godzilla Deciphered p111">[[Godzilla Completely Deciphered|ゴジラ完全解読 (別冊宝島 2207)]]. The Monsters that Time Forgot; Page 111.</ref>
|length          ={{Ishowa}}100 meters<ref name="GodzillaCompendium"/><br>{{Imill}}160 meters<ref name="Godzilla Deciphered p111">[[Godzilla Completely Deciphered|ゴジラ完全解読 (別冊宝島 2207)]]. The Monsters that Time Forgot; Page 111.</ref>

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Image gallery for Anguirus

Anguirus™ copyright icon
Anguirus in Godzilla: Final Wars
Anguirus in Godzilla Raids Again
Anguirus in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
Alternate names Angilas, Angurus, Angorus, Boryuanguirus, Angilasaurus, Angillus, Anguillas, Anzilla, Angy, Killer of the LivingGtFM
Subtitle(s) Fierce Dragon (暴竜,   Bō Ryū)[1][2]
Godzilla's Companion
(ゴジラの仲間,   Gojira no Nakama)GvG[3]
Species Irradiated/Giant Ankylosaurus
Height Showa: 60 meters[4]
Millennium: 40 meters (Quadrupedal)[5]
90 meters (Standing upright)[5][6]
Length Showa: 100 meters[4]
Millennium: 160 meters[5]
Weight Showa: 30,000 metric tons[4]
Millennium: 60,000 metric tons[5][6]
Controlled by KilaaksDAM
Allies Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Varan, Baragon, Gorosaurus, Kumonga, Baragon, Manda, King Caesar, G-Guard Mechagodzilla, M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Minilla, Gojirin, SandaGRoE, GairaGRoE, KamacurasGRoE, KamoebasGRoE, ZillaGRoE, Jet JaguarGRoE
Enemies GodzillaGRA, GFW, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Fake Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Mecha-King Ghidorah, Gororin, DestoroyahG:L
Created by Tomoyuki Tanaka, Motoyoshi Oda
Portrayed by ShowaKatsumi TezukaGRA
Hiroshi Sekita and Tadaaki WatanabeDAM
Koetsu OmiyaGvG-GvMgl
Kinichi KusumiGvMG
MillenniumToshihiro Ogura
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Raids Again Godzilla: Final Wars
More roars
What do you want?

— Anguirus to Godzilla (Godzilla vs. Gigan)

Anguirus (アンギラス,   Angirasu) is a mutated ankylosaurus kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1955 Godzilla film, Godzilla Raids Again.

Anguirus was Godzilla's first-ever opponent, and battled him to the death in Osaka in Godzilla Raids Again. Anguirus was ultimately killed by Godzilla, but a second individual debuted in the film Destroy All Monsters in 1968. This Anguirus became a friend and ally to Godzilla, loyally fighting alongside him to fend off alien monsters such as King Ghidorah and Gigan. Anguirus' final appearance in the Showa series of films came in 1974's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, where he had his jaw broken by the alien machine Mechagodzilla, who was masquerading as Godzilla. Anguirus' next film appearance came 30 years later in Godzilla: Final Wars, where he was a mind-controlled pawn of the Xiliens in their invasion of Earth. While not as popular as the likes of Rodan, Mothra or King Ghidorah, Anguirus has become a popular monster in his own right, and has earned a reputation as being both Godzilla's closest friend and as a tenacious fighter even when severely outmatched.


The original English name given to Anguirus by Toho was "Angilas," as seen in the company's 1955 international sales booklet. When Godzilla Raids Again was released in the United States by Warner Bros. in 1959 as Gigantis, the Fire Monster, advertising materials spelled the monster's name as "Angurus," which was also how it was pronounced in the English dub. In the mid-1970's, Toho copyrighted the new revised English name "Anguirus," making it the official Anglicization of the monster's name for all subsequent media. However, only the English dub of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla uses anything resembling this spelling. The English dubs for Destroy All Monsters, All Monsters Attack, and Godzilla vs. Gigan all call him "Angilas," while in Godzilla: Final Wars, the pronunciation sounds like "Angweenus."

Several American publications from the 1970's, including issue #34 of The Monster Times and the children's book Godzilla by Ian Thorne, offer "Anzilla" as an alternate spelling. The origin of this name is yet unknown.


Anguirus is a stout, armored, quadrupedal reptilian creature that looks fairly similar to an Ankylosaurus, with aspects of his design also resembling armadillos, hedgehogs, and crocodiles. He has several inwardly curved horns at the top of his head and a single, short horn on the end of his snout. His face is long, puffy and drawn out, like a crocodile, with two large tusks at the start and rows of smaller, jagged, serrated teeth following suit. His carapace is studded with a plethora of long, sharp, prickly spikes. Anguirus' tail is spiky and longer than his body, accounting for the majority of his total body length. His hind limbs are longer than his forelimbs, enabling him to stand upright to his full height, but he primarily walks upon all fours. In Godzilla: Final Wars, Anguirus is jokingly referred to as an "armadillo," most likely due to his ability to curl himself into a ball.

The Final Wars Anguirus has some differences in his design. His skin is a a much lighter shade of gray, with yellowish-colored spikes. This Anguirus has a shorter, more mammal-like snout, and his underbelly has an armored, brick-like texture. He now has spikes on his arms and legs, and his tail ends with a spiked club, a trait shared by the real-life Ankylosaurus.


Anguirus is depicted as a very tenacious and fierce fighter. Despite constantly going up against enemies tougher than himself, Anguirus rarely backs down and always puts up a vicious fight. Despite his fierce nature, Anguirus has traditionally been shown in various media as being a close friend of Godzilla. While many of Godzilla's allies have had to work with him out of necessity, such as Mothra and Rodan, Anguirus and Godzilla appear to have a genuine friendship. This is most pronounced in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, where Anguirus senses that the Fake Godzilla roaming Japan is not the monster he knows and attacks it, with a character even mentioning that it's strange to see Anguirus attack "his friend" Godzilla.


In Godzilla Raids Again, it is suggested that Anguirus is a relative of the dinosaur Ankylosaurus that lived around the same time as Godzilla. Like Godzilla, Anguirus managed to survive into the modern day by lying dormant somewhere, presumably either underwater or underground, before being awakened and irradiated by nuclear bomb tests in the 1950's. This origin is never discussed further nor contradicted in subsequent films.


Showa Series

Godzilla Raids Again

When pilot Shoichi Tsukioka landed on Iwato Island to rescue his friend and colleague Kojikawa Kobayashi, the two men discovered Anguirus and Godzilla locked in battle on the island. The two monsters eventually tackled each other into the ocean, and disappeared. The pilots reported their story to the authorities in Osaka, who determined that Anguirus was a creature that lived alongside Godzilla in prehistoric times, and like Godzilla had been reawakened by nuclear testing. The JSDF enforced a blackout on the city and used flares to draw Godzilla away, but when a group of prisoners escaped from a prison bus as it was evacuating, they led the police on a high-speed chase that ended with a gasoline truck crashing into a refinery and starting a huge fire. This fire quickly spread and drew both Godzilla and Anguirus into Osaka, where they resumed their battle. The monsters tore apart the city as their battle reached Osaka Castle. Godzilla tackled Anguirus into the pagoda, then bit down on his opponent's neck. Anguirus roared out in agony as he began to bleed profusely, and was thrown into a moat by Godzilla. As Anguirus attempted to stagger back to his feet, Godzilla unleashed his atomic breath, incinerating his foe and leaving him victorious.

Destroy All Monsters

By the end of the 20th century, Anguirus was one of several kaiju contained on the human-monitored Monsterland in the Ogasawara Islands. When the Kilaaks assaulted the island, they took control of Anguirus and the other monsters and unleashed them across the globe to do their evil bidding. Anguirus was sent to battle the humans' military forces in the Japanese countryside along with Godzilla and Rodan. When the crew of the Moonlight SY-3 managed to destroy the Kilaaks' mind-control device located under the lunar surface, Anguirus and the Earth monsters were all freed from the invaders' command. Godzilla soon led the monsters in an assault against the Kilaaks' base under Mount Fuji, but they were attacked by the Kilaaks' trump card, King Ghidorah. Anguirus took part in direct combat with King Ghidorah alongside Godzilla, Gorosaurus and Minilla. Anguirus bit down on one of King Ghidorah's necks, causing the space monster to take flight. Anguirus clamped his jaws on his enemy's neck and continued hanging on as King Ghidorah flew high into the sky. King Ghidorah finally bit Anguirus' neck with one of his heads, forcing him to let go and plummet to the ground below. King Ghidorah dropped down and stomped Anguirus into the dirt, then attacked Godzilla and the other monsters. However, Anguirus simply shook the dirt off himself and re-entered the fray. The Earth monsters gained the upper hand against King Ghidorah, and successfully killed him. Godzilla soon destroyed the Kilaaks' base and ended their invasion once and for all. Anguirus and the other monsters were then returned to Monsterland to live out their days in peace.

All Monsters Attack

When young Ichiro Miki dreamed of going to Monster Island, Anguirus was one of the monsters he saw living there.

Godzilla vs. Gigan

Anguirus in Godzilla vs. Gigan

Almost 30 years after the first Anguirus' death, a second one had taken up residence on Monster Island and become a friend of Godzilla. When Godzilla overheard one of the M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens' "action tapes" containing their plans for the conquest of Earth, Godzilla sent Anguirus to Japan to investigate. When Anguirus arrived in Japan, he was immediately attacked by the JSDF, who were unaware of his intentions. Rather than fight back, Anguirus swam back to Monster Island to recruit Godzilla's help. Godzilla joined his companion and the two monsters swam to Tokyo, where Gigan and King Ghidorah were causing destruction under the Nebulans' orders. Godzilla and Anguirus fought back against the space monsters, but found themselves overwhelmed by the enemy. Godzilla was knocked out of commission by the repeated attacks of Gigan and the Nebulans' Godzilla Tower, leaving Anguirus to unsuccessfully attempt to carry on the battle against King Ghidorah. Thankfully, a group of humans were able to destroy Godzilla Tower and sever the Nebulans' control over the space monsters, buying Godzilla and Anguirus time to regroup. Godzilla and Anguirus mounted their counterattack against Gigan and King Ghidorah, eventually forcing both monsters to retreat back to outer space, leaving the planet safe once again. Godzilla and Anguirus then swam back to Monster Island, victorious.

Godzilla vs. Megalon

In 197X, Anguirus was resting on Monster Island along with Godzilla and Rodan when nuclear testing thousands of miles away in the Aleutian Islands triggered a massive earthquake. As the island began to split in half, Godzilla and Anguirus made an attempt to escape. While Godzilla was successful and made it to the ocean, Anguirus toppled over and fell into the growing fissure, where he would remain underground until one year later.

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

One year after falling into a fissure on Monster Island, Anguirus burrowed his way to Japan in search of Godzilla. Anguirus knew something wasn't right, when he saw his friend Godzilla was attacking buildings mindlessly and walking around the Japanese countryside with no specific pattern. Anguirus burrowed out of the ground after Godzilla attacked an apartment building, tripping him over. Anguirus then challenged Godzilla, but Godzilla threw him through a bridge and into a valley. As Anguirus got back up, he leapt out of the valley, knocking off some of Godzilla's scales with his claws as he passed, revealing metal underneath. The now-revealed fake Godzilla then fought back viciously, beating Anguirus and slamming him into the ground. The fake Godzilla broke Anguirus' jaw in a violent and bloody fashion, forcing Anguirus to burrow back underground and retreat.

Get Going! Godzilland

Anguirus appears in animated form in the educational Get Going! Godzilland OVAs. In these OVAS, Anguirus is Godzilla's closest friend, but frequently gets in fights and arguments with him. In the first OVA, Anguirus is running through the forests of Godzilland when Mothra drops an invitation for a picnic onto his head, blinding him and causing him to run into a rock and fall over. Anguirus then races with Godzilla to get to the picnic, and the two of them argue over who got there first. When Mothra asks why Godzilla and Anguirus arrived so late, they reveal that they couldn't read the invitation very well. Mothra then teaches all of the kaiju about the hiragana alphabet.

In the second OVA, Anguirus is seen fighting with Godzilla. After a brief fight, the two kaiju become bitter and refuse to speak to each other. Mechagodzilla witnesses the fight and, assuming Godzilla no longer wants to be Anguirus' friend, decides to make Anguirus his new friend. When Mechagodzilla talks to Anguirus, the latter says that he doesn't trust Mechagodzilla or want to be his friend. Mechagodzilla becomes angry and uses his laser vision to destroy the hammock Anguirus is sleeping on, then grabs him and flies to a volcano on the island. Baragon witnesses the kidnapping and tells Godzilla, Gojirin, and Mothra about it, and the four kaiju travel to the volcano to rescue their friend. Once the kaiju arrive, they are forced by Mechagodzilla to take part in a game show where they solve addition problems. After the kaiju get the problems correct, Anguirus is freed. Mothra then convinces Anguirus and the other kaiju to forgive Mechagodzilla and befriend him.

Godzilla Island

Anguirus in Godzilla Island

Millennium Series

Godzilla: Final Wars

In the year 20XX, Anguirus was under the control of the Xiliens and was sent to China and attacked Shanghai. He was attacked by the Karyu, but he proved too fast for it. He continued to fight against the humans, but he was recalled by the Xiliens on their commander's orders. Once the Controller of Planet X killed the Commander and led the Xiliens himself, Anguirus was brought back to Shanghai, and destroyed the Karyu by slamming into it after curling up. After Godzilla was freed by the Gotengo in Antarctica, Anguirus was deployed to the Japanese countryside with Rodan and King Caesar by the Xilien UFOs α, ß and γ, and waited to encounter Godzilla. When Godzilla arrived, Anguirus almost immediately curled up into a ball and tried to ram Godzilla, but Godzilla used this to his advantage, kicking Anguirus into King Caesar and Rodan. After successfully knocking all three monsters unconscious, Godzilla stacked them into a pile and continued to follow the Gotengo to Tokyo.

Post-Millennium Series

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

A GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters timeline distributed at AnimeJapan 2017 mentions that Anguirus first appeared in November 2005, causing 8.2 million deaths in tandem with Rodan.[7]


Unlike many of Toho's other monsters, Anguirus lacks any energy or projectile-based attacks and relies more on fighting with his teeth and claws. He has been known to hurl himself backwards at a foe, ramming them with his spiny carapace, as seen in Godzilla vs. Gigan. Anguirus was also shown to be capable of burrowing substantial distances in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. In Godzilla: Final Wars, Anguirus demonstrated the ability to curl into a ball and propel himself at tremendous speed.

Anguirus possess astounding stamina and determination, able to keep fighting after absorbing vicious assaults that would force most other monsters into retreat. Despite repeatedly facing more powerful opponents than himself, most notably Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla, he has never retreated from a fight without first taking substantial punishment. Perhaps the finest example of Anguirus' persistence was his attack on King Ghidorah in Destroy All Monsters, in which he pierced the dragon's right-most neck with his jaws and held firm on even as his foe took to the air, letting go only when King Ghidorah bit Anguirus' own neck. Anguirus then fell from high in the sky into a ditch, and was mercilessly stomped on by King Ghidorah. But only a few seconds later, Anguirus merely shook the dust off his body and re-entered the fight, showing no discernible fatigue. This same scene occurred as stock footage in Godzilla vs Gigan. A similar incident occurred in Godzilla vs. Megalon, in which Anguirus fell into a fissure on Monster Island and disappeared, only to return a year later when he encountered the Fake Godzilla.

Despite his tenacity, Anguirus has never won a fight in a film without the assistance of Godzilla. By the 1970's, Anguirus' appearances were often utilized to demonstrate how powerful Godzilla's then-new opponent was, highlighting the threat. This is especially pronounced in Godzilla vs. Gigan, in which Anguirus bravely but ineffectively attacked both Gigan and King Ghidorah during the "tag-team" final battle, requiring Godzilla's aid to finish off both foes. A primary reason for this occurrence is that Anguirus was chosen by the film's producers to act as a stand-in for other monsters whose suits were well beyond repair at the time, particularly Baragon. Anguirus would fill in for for his fellow quadruped again in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, where he showcased Baragon's burrowing abilities despite the lack of precedent in his earlier appearances. The fact that Anguirus was relegated to frequently appearing as Godzilla's ally in these films eventually contributed to his reputation as Godzilla's closest friend and most trusted ally, despite earlier being his first enemy.

One of Anguirus' most notable feats outside his film appearances is his victory over Destoroyah in the first issue of the comic series Godzilla: Legends. Even though Destoroyah is one of the most powerful monsters Godzilla has ever faced, Anguirus faced the beast in a one-on-one battle and refused to retreat. Eventually, with the assistance of the military's freezer weapons, Anguirus successfully overcame Destoroyah and forced the creature to retreat. Another one of IDW Publishing's Godzilla comics, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth demonstrated Anguirus' impressive resilience. In one issue, Anguirus was brutally beaten and apparently killed by a Mechagodzilla, but after being transported to Siberia he broke free of the humans' restraints and immediately joined forces with Godzilla to battle an army of Mechagodzillas and Mecha-King Ghidorah. During the battle, Godzilla even utilized Anguirus as a flail, grabbing him by the tail and slamming his carapace against Mecha-King Ghidorah, with Anguirus showing no visible pain. After the battle, Godzilla was visibly exhausted, but Anguirus gave Godzilla a sarcastic glare, almost as if mocking him for being tired by the battle.

In the video games Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, Godzilla: Save the Earth and Godzilla: Unleashed, Anguirus is finally given a "sonic roar", a roar which is loud enough to hurt monsters and destroy military weapons. It can also destroy, and even pass right through, buildings and rocks. These games also introduced his "rolling" attack, which was later incorporated in his appearance in Godzilla: Final Wars. In the former game, Anguirus' rage attack involves him charging his spikes with some undefined energy, then jumping far up into the air, shooting them off while performing multiple flips. In the latter, it is simply a more powerful variant of his rolling attack.

In his appearance in the 1992 manga Godzilla, King of the Monsters, Anguirus is given several new abilities as a result of his drastically different origins compared to Anguirus's other appearances. He had a prehensile tail with which he could constrict opponents, and was also able to fly by tucking into his shell and spinning at high speed in a manner reminiscent of Gamera's flying abilities. While spinning, Anguirus could also use his body like a razor sharp blade to cut into opponents, and he could also use his spines to shred the skin of those who fought him.

In a 1955 Japanese manga adaptation of Godzilla Raids Again, which was contemporary with the film, Anguirus is depicted several times breathing some sort of flame. Also, the way Anguirus' shell flops around in Godzilla Raids Again, partially split in two and loose from his back, is depicted in the artwork as well, leading to the possibility that this may have been intentional, rather than a costume design flaw. When Anguirus appeared in Destroy All Monsters, these traits were not present nor alluded to.


Video Games

Godzilla: Unleashed

Height: 80 meters
Weight: 54,000 tons

"Anguirus is a loyal Earth Defender. Although he is neither the largest, strongest, or fastest of Earth's vanguard, he possesses a tenacity of spirit that makes him a fearsome opponent for any monster. Anguirus can stun nearby opponents with his fearsome Sonic Roar, or use his powerful jaws to leave an impression. Anguirus' most unique attribute is his ultra-hard spiked carapace, which can parry any physical attack and inflict heavy edged damage in response. Anguirus can tuck his head and limbs beneath his shell and roll forward-this offers him excellent resistance to attack and allows him to plow through terrain and opponents alike. When the earth is threatened, Godzilla will come to its defense-and Anguirus will be right beside him, until the end."

Godzilla (PlayStation 4)

Anguirus in Godzilla

Anguirus appears exclusively in the PlayStation 4 version of Godzilla as a playable monster. He is modeled after his 1968 appearance from Destroy All Monsters. Anguirus' primary attack involves slamming his spiky carapace against his opponent, though he also possesses the roll attack from the Atari games and Godzilla: Final Wars. Anguirus also has the ability to burrow underground like he did in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.


  • Square
    • One tap: Right Punch
    • Two taps: Left Punch
    • Three taps: Back Leg Kick
  • Triangle
    • Tap: Tail Attack
    • Roar + Tap: Bite
  • X
    • Tap: Back Tackle
  • Circle
    • Tap: Back Leg Sand Toss
    • Roar + Tap: Anguirus Ball
  • R2
    • Tap: Underground Shelter

Kaiju Guide

Main article: Godzilla (2014 video game)/Kaiju Guide#Anguirus.


Rampage Godzilla

Anguirus (bottom left), along with Osoros, Sugon, Zottos, Godzilla and Gyottos in Rampage Godzilla

In this 1955 manga, Anguirus has become friends with Zottos, Gyottos, Osoros and Sugon. Godzilla wants to become a pro-wrestler, and spars with Anguirus and his friends to get stronger.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Anguirus was originally a fossil at a dinosaur expo festival. Doctor Oniyama revived the fossil by treating it with radiation. At first, Anguirus appeared as a large Ankylosaurus, who fought Godzilla after he had been forcibly devolved by Oniyama into a Godzillasaurus. Aware that the Ankylosaur was losing the fight, Oniyama and his past self shot a huge dart from KIDS that made the Ankylosaur evolve into Anguirus. After Godzilla re-evolved, Anguirus and Godzilla fought again. Anguirus, using his new abilities such as being able to fly by rotating his shell and being able to slice Godzilla while spinning, fought as best as he could, but was defeated after Godzilla was given some shells from Yosuke's ASTOL-MB93 and rammed them down his throat. Anguirus tried to flee alongside the two Oniyamas in KIDS, only to explode violently, killing Anguirus. KIDS was also destroyed in the massive explosion, leaving the two Oniyamas' fates unknown.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters

Anguirus appears in Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters. He appears in Mexico and travels to the United States, where he engages Godzilla in battle in California. After being defeated by Godzilla, Anguirus heads east, eventually encountering Mechagodzilla, who defeats him as well.

Godzilla: Ongoing

Anguirus appears in Godzilla: Ongoing, where he is initially seen attacking Edinburgh, Scotland. Boxer and his "Kaiju Kill Crew" intercept Anguirus and try to take him down using their "headache beams." Anguirus puts up a vicious fight against Boxer's team but is eventually neutralized and transported to Monster Island, where the U.S. military is collecting giant monsters for unknown purposes. When the space monsters Hedorah, Gigan, SpaceGodzilla, and Monster X attack Earth, Boxer's estranged son steals Kiryu and flies him to Monster Island to break out Anguirus and the other Earth monsters. Anguirus heads to Hong Kong, where he joins up with Rodan to battle Gigan. Anguirus sustains gruesome wounds in the battle, but with Rodan's help he is able to defeat Gigan, leaving the cyborg blinded with a shattered visor.

Godzilla: The Half-Century War

Anguirus appears in Godzilla: The Half-Century War Issue 2, where he appears in Vietnam and does battle with Godzilla. Anguirus fights fiercely, but retreats from the battle after Godzilla begins to beat him.

Godzilla: Legends

Anguirus appears in the first issue of Godzilla: Legends. As Sydney is attacked by Destoroyah, a scientist named Dr. Anders uses an experimental device to try and call Godzilla to the city to fight. While the device works, it calls Anguirus instead. Anguirus attacks Destoroyah, even though Destoroyah is much larger and stronger. Even with Anguirus' perseverance, and Dr. Anders' second attempt at using the G-signaler, Destoroyah is too powerful for them to do any lasting damage. He almost kills Anguirus until Col. Matsumiya uses a helicopter to send a huge tank of freon to smash into Destoroyah. Anguirus then rolls into a ball and slams into the partially frozen Destoroyah, defeating it and scoring his first victory over another kaiju. Afterwards, Godzilla arrives and it seems that Anguirus and he will face off, but Godzilla displays respect towards Anguirus, at least knowing there's a bigger threat to go after.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

In Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, Anguirus is considered a land monster that was frozen in an ice cap until he was reawakened along with all the other Earth monsters.

In Rulers of Earth 14, Anguirus is ambushed by a Mechagodzilla that was built by the Cryog leader disguised as a Russian warmonger. The mecha badly wounds Anguirus and nearly snaps his jaw. Eventually, Mechagodzilla blasts Anguirus with several weapons and leaves him for dead. When Lucy Casprell and her team arrive, they discover that Anguirus is still alive and send Kiryu to retrieve him and bring to the Monster Islands. Kiryu is suddenly given new orders to bring Anguirus to a Russian facility, and flies off with the downed saurian. Along the way, Kiryu is shot down by a group of more Mechagodzillas near a robotics facility in Russia. Anguirus manages to escape Kiryu's grip and enters the facility, which the Cryog leader has converted into an arena where Godzilla is doing battle with Mecha-King Ghidorah and more Mechagodzillas. Anguirus joins the battle alongside Godzilla. Godzilla uses Anguirus as a club and slams him into Ghidorah's chest, critically damaging him. Eventually, Godzilla destroys the remaining Mechagodzillas while Mecha-King Ghidorah retreats. Godzilla and Anguirus then leave the arena together, but not before Godzilla completely destroys it with his atomic breath. Eventually, Anguirus was captured by the Trilopods, who absorbed his DNA, and was imprisoned in their hive in Los Angeles. When King Caesar allowed himself to be captured by the Trilopods, he freed the other kaiju inside the hive, and they all joined together to help Godzilla, Zilla, and Jet Jaguar battle against the Trilopod hybrids. After the Trilopods were defeated, the giant Trilopod Magita was unleashed and attacked the monsters. Anguirus attempted to battle Magita by slamming into the giant Trilopod several times, but was knocked aside by the massive creature. After Godzilla destroyed Magita using his hyper spiral ray and nuclear pulse, Anguirus and the other monsters followed him out to sea, then dispersed around the globe to live in peace.

Godzilla: Cataclysm

Anguirus appears in a flashback in Godzilla: Cataclysm #1, where he is seen battling Manda in Tokyo, while several other monsters battle each other as well.

Godzilla in Hell

Anguirus in Godzilla in Hell #2

A demonic version of Anguirus appeared in the second issue of the IDW mini-series Godzilla in Hell. He was seen in a frozen wasteland in Hell after Godzilla defeated the demon Rodan and thawed out after sensing Godzilla's presence. He confronted Godzilla and bit him on the arm, but Godzilla flung him off and onto the ice, causing it to shatter and sending Godzilla careening through the ice.

Godzilla: Oblivion

Anguirus appeared alongside Rodan, Biollante, Zilla, King Caesar and Mothra in issue #4 of Godzilla: Oblivion, as they crossed through an interdimensional portal while Mecha-King Ghidorah was fighting Godzilla. In the next issue, where the monsters were joined by Hedorah, Anguirus made his first move against Mecha-King Ghidorah as he rammed him after he was falling from Mothra's attack. When Mecha-King Ghidorah was down, Anguirus kept slashing at him, leaving the latter vulnerable. Later after Mecha-King Ghidorah was defeated by Godzilla, all of the monsters were left behind as the humans left the Earth as it became covered by tiny robotic cells that served as interdimensional doorways.


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  • Anguirus roar was used in many video game series such as Street Fighter and Metroid.
  • In Dairanger, Daimugen reuses Anguirus' roar.
  • The kaiju Archelus from the upcoming video game Earth Defense Force 5 bears some resemblance to Anguirus, and even demonstrates a rolling attack reminiscent of the one used by Anguirus in Godzilla: Final Wars and the Atari video games.

In Other Languages

  • German (Godzilla Raids Again, 1958 dub): Angirus
  • Basque: Erraldoien
  • Serbian: Ангуирус
  • Yiddish: אַנגוירוס
  • Russian: Ангирус
  • Chinese: 安吉拉斯


Anguirus' unaltered roars in Godzilla Raids Again
Anguirus' roars in Godzilla Raids Again
Anguirus' roars from 1968 to 1974
Anguirus' roars in Godzilla: Final Wars



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