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An Arachno-claw in King Kong (2005)
Alternate names Arachnoclaw, Arachno Claw, Spider-Claw
Species Arachnocidis
Length 4-6 feet
Allies Other Arachno-claws, Carnictis, Weta-rex, Deplector
Enemies Humans
Portrayed by CGI
First appearance King Kong (2005)
Latest appearance King Kong (2005)

Arachno-claw is an arachnid monster that appears in the 2005 film, King Kong.


Arachno-claws resemble a mixture of a crayfish and a spider. They have six legs and a pair of pincers. They have two antennae on their heads and dark brown glassy eyes. Their whole body is covered with a crab-like armor.


Arachno-claws laid their microscopic eggs in carrion of the chasm floor, but most were either eaten by carrion eaters, or drowned in the slime that coated the pit's bottom. They were then ingested by Carnictis, in the guts of which they hatched and lived as stomach parasites until they pupated and emerged from the rectum as miniature adults, already capable of scavenging for food.


King Kong (2005)

Arachno-claws were present along with several Carnictises and Weta-rexes in the chasm into which several Venture crew members were sent plummeting by King Kong. One Arachno-claw grabbed a Venture crew member, then the other two tore him apart.


Arachno-claws have a pair of strong pincers.


King Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World

When the crew of the Venture was pushed by Kong into the Skull Island chasm, the Carnictis and Weta-rex came to prey on them. As the lesser predators were scared off by gunfire, the Arachno-claws moved in, but when one attacked Jack Driscoll, it was shot to death by the rescue party.


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