"Breakfast Fit for a Kong"

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Skull Island episodes
"What's Up, Croc?"
"Breakfast Fit for a Kong"
"Doggone It"
"Breakfast Fit for a Kong"
"Breakfast Fit for a Kong" title card
Series Skull Island
Episode # 4
Directed by Amanda Sitareh B.
Written by Brian Duffield
Air date June 22, 2023
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"Breakfast Fit for a Kong" is the fourth episode of Skull Island. Directed by Amanda Sitareh B., it was released along with the rest of the series on Netflix on June 22, 2023.


Annie and Dog wordlessly leave Charlie and Mike behind, with the monster scaling a tree, then leaping from branch to branch. Mike remarks how this is becoming a pattern, but Charlie assures him they'll return with breakfast. They are suddenly approached by a large Dodo Bird who stares then down. After Mike tries to intimidate it, the creature charges at full speed. They prepare to fight it hand-to-hand, with Mike significantly more enthusiastic than Charlie, only for Dog to crash down on top of it. Taking its neck in his mouth, he slams it into the ground, quickly killing it. As Annie declares the bird breakfast, Charlie realizes she used them as bait. The group roasts the giant dodo over a fire. When Mike casually asks how Annie and Dog met, she bluntly responds that their fathers killed each other, stunning the boys. She elaborates that Dog has grown significantly since they met, and they conquered their island as the only human and dog still living there. She creatively christened her home "Annie's Island."

A snake resembling a vine watches the quartet as they continue through the forest, bickering about the feasibility of building a raft to escape Skull Island. As Annie and Mike change the topic to the origin of Skull Island's name and the possibility of using the mercenaries' radios to call a plane, they take some time to notice that Charlie has fallen into a pit. Sliding down a long tunnel, he finally comes to a stop in a chamber occupied by a long-dead Giant Ant, which partially crumbles at his touch. Sunlight shines through a second opening to the surface directly above him.

At the mercenaries' camp, Cap is amused by Sam's stern attitude towards the other mercenaries. When asked, Irene says she found him through group therapy. Cap notices that the Hawk Monster is still roosting atop a nearby mountain as Sam explains their new plan to capture Annie, who they have already located thanks to the tracking device in her handcuffs. Sam then asks him what he saw to spark his interest in searching for cryptids; Cap can only describe the glowing underwater creature he witnessed one night beneath his ship as "playful, like a dragon or an eel." Exiting the tall orange grass, they are amazed to see a field of enormous yellow flowers ahead. Irene in particular is giddy - until one of the flowers reveals its enormous jaws and snatches her up.

Mike and Annie make contact with Charlie, but Dog is uninterested in rescuing him. As Mike and Annie argue in circles, Charlie finds an ancient sword in the chamber. Mike tumbles down the tunnel to retrieve Charlie on his own. Meanwhile, Sam cuts through the flower's stem with a machete, and he and Cap pull Irene out of its mouth with great effort. She and Sam laugh at the irony of a botanist almost being eaten by a flower, then are surprised to see Cap soothing the dying flower. Back in the chamber, Kong appears overhead and uproots a tree. Annie joins the boys after a living Giant Ant drags its deceased counterpart into the shadows. She explains how when she found herself in a similar situation when she was younger, she just killed all the bugs with her bare hands and stacked their corpses to form a ladder. She adds that this is the first time that she and Dog have had other friends, and they're not sure if they like it yet. Another argument between her and Mike is cut short by the Giant Ant's approach. Charlie rushes in with the sword, but it shatters ahead the insect's exoskeleton. Annie then lies on the ground next to the confused ant and feigns helplessness, causing Dog to descend into the chamber and chase off the ant. Mike and Annie argue over who likes Charlie more, leaving him even more smitten with her.

On the outskirts of the flower field, Cap theorizes that the various monsters they've seen originally came from the Hollow Earth. Irene laments that if true, some of her own books would no longer be accurate, among countless others. Cap tries to figure out Irene's reason for coming to this incredible area of the world solely to capture Annie. She dodges the issue, wanting to find the kids before any of her mercenaries shoot them, as Annie and Dog have already killed many of them. The kids reach the surface, where Charlie is dismayed to see Dog stalk away from him. Mike and Annie each offer their condolences for their fathers, and she declares them friends. Dog suddenly grows tense, having sensed the mercenaries. To explain why she isn't eager to unleash Dog on the mercenaries again, Annie brushes away some of his hair to reveal a bullet wound. Instead, she's targeting Irene. A group of the vine snakes lunges at a team of mercenaries while Annie and Dog charge into the open, where both Sam and the Hawk Monster are watching them.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

Japanese dub

German dub

  • Malte Wetzel   as   Charlie
  • Zina Laus   as   Annie
  • Sebastian Kempf   as   Mike
  • Mike Carl   as   Cap
  • Angela Wiederhut   as   Irene
  • René Oltmanns
  • Martin Schülke

Spanish dub

  • Ditter Ruiz   as   Charlie
  • Montserrat Aguilar   as   Annie
  • Emmanuel Bernal   as   Mike
  • Andrés Garcia   as   Cap
  • Dulce Chino   as   Irene
  • Manuel Pérez   as   Sam
  • Carlos Mireles   as   Wells

Castilian Spanish dub

  • Iván Priego   as   Charlie
  • Irene Miras   as   Annie
  • Masumi Mutsuda   as   Mike
  • José Garcia Tos   as   Cap
  • Maribel Pomar   as   Irene
  • Francesc Belda   as   Sam

French dub

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Maxime Baudouin   as   Charlie
  • Laure Filiu   as   Annie
  • Adrien Larmande   as   Mike
  • Guillaume Orsat   as   Cap
  • Barbara Beretta   as   Irene
  • Jean-Baptiste Anoumon   as   Sam
  • Matthieu Albertini
  • Pascal Nowak
  • Meaghan Dendraël

Hungarian dub

  • Gereben Nagy   as   Charlie
  • Andrea Laudon   as   Annie
  • Ágoston Kenéz   as   Mike
  • Victor Posta   as   Cap
  • Veronika Nádasi   as   Irene
  • Tamás Pál   as   Sam
  • Miklós Kapácsy

Portuguese dub

  • Cadu Paschoal   as   Charlie
  • Jeane Marie   as   Annie
  • Pablo Argôllo   as   Mike
  • Mauro Horta   as   Cap
  • Jessica Dannemann   as   Irene
  • Vinícius Barros   as   Sam
  • Marcio Dondi




Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations

  • Irene's group




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  1. Duffield, Brian (22 June 2023). "Nope". Twitter.


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