Bride of Godzilla?

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Bride of Godzilla?
Bride of Godzilla script
Alternate titles Godzilla vs. Robot Daughter
Planned release 1956
Concept history Bride of GodzillaRodan, King Kong vs. Godzilla

Bride of Godzilla? (ゴジラの花嫁?,   Gojira no Hanayome?) is an unmade 1956 Godzilla film.


A mad scientist known as Dr. Shida builds a robot in the likeness of his wife. However, as Godzilla and Anguirus return, he also builds a giant feminine robot, "Robot Daughter," in the image of his foster daughter to fight them. Adding to Dr. Kyohei Yamane's thesis from the original Godzilla film where Dr. Yamane explains Godzilla went undetected for so long because he lived in trenches, Dr. Shida proposes that Godzilla and Anguirus lived so deep into ocean trenches that they come from the center of a hollow Earth.

Inside the hollow Earth, Dr. Shida finds many Godzillas, Anguiruses, and a race of beautiful mermaids. He falls in love with one of the mermaids. During a fight between Godzilla and Anguirus, a giant blood-sucking flea is lodged from Anguirus' shell. Then, Godzilla, Anguirus, a Giant Chameleon and a Giant Archeopteryx appear in Kyushu.

Robot Daughter is finished and is sent to defend Japan. She defeats the Giant Chameleon, the Giant Archaeopteryx, breaks Anguirus' jaw and then faces Godzilla. Robot Daughter is unaffected by Godzilla's atomic breath. Godzilla seems to fall in love with Robot Daughter, and goes in a cave with the naked Robot Daughter. One character says " is the foreplay of love to be beaten."

Robot Daughter turns out to be a timed hydrogen bomb and takes Godzilla back to his ecosystem before exploding, destroying the ecosystem in the center of the Earth and presumably ending Godzilla.


Bride of Godzilla was considered as a follow-up to Godzilla Raids Again. The film's script was written by Hideo Unagami, who also wrote the original story which would be adapted into The H-Man. The film's cancellation was likely due to Godzilla's creators feeling that they shouldn't make another quick sequel like with Raids Again. The Giant Archeopteryx and "hollow earth" concepts the film was to expand upon appear to have been re-purposed for Rodan.[citation needed] Tomoyuki Tanaka was influenced by the presence of a giant flee in this script that feeds on kaiju, ultimately repurposing the idea as Shockirus in The Return of Godzilla.

The "Robot Daughter" does not have a known official name, and is also sometimes called the "Bride Robot."

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