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The Cloverfield Monster
Alternate names Cloverfield, Cloverfield Monster, Hakaisha, Kishin, L.S.A., Slusho
Species Deep Sea Monster
Height 106.68 meters[citation needed]
Length 365.76 meters[citation needed]
Weight 5,800 tons[citation needed]
Forms None
Controlled by None
Relations Clover's Parasites
Allies None
Enemies U.S. Armed Forces
Created by J.J. Abrams
Portrayed by CGI
First appearance Cloverfield
Latest appearance Cloverfield
Design(s) None
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Clover (クローバーフィールド,   Kurōbāfīrudo, lit. Cloverfield) is a kaiju created by Paramount Pictures that appeared in the 2008 film, Cloverfield.


Clover does not have an official name, but fans call him "Clover" from a shortening of the movie's name. The crew members referred to it by its nickname 'Clover,' while it is not named at all in the film. It is referred to mainly as "the monster," or "the Cloverfield Monster."


The monster is 350 foot high, quadruped and possesses a long fork-finned tail. The uppermost triple-jointed limb pair are longer than the other 2, ending in a multi-fingered hand which can bend backward so that the creature can walk on its knuckles. The double-jointed, squat legs are powerful enough to support the creature’s mass, and yet still allow it to move quickly for an organism of its size. Each of its feet is 30-40 feet in length, roughly the size of a city transit bus or a Tyrannosaurus rex. The creature is covered in grey skin that exhibits a white pallor. The skin is also host to an indeterminate number of relatively smaller parasitic creatures.

Tucked between the monster's legs are two "external esophagi". The esophagi are used to eat creatures much smaller than itself (Humans). In the Cloverfield/Kishin manga, the monster's external esophagi are shown. Also, long, thinner tubes wrap around victims to bring victims in. The esophagi were first clearly seen when Hud looks up at the monster before it bites him. Fans misinterpreted them to be limbs. The esophagi end in tooth-like projections.

The Monster's diet covers a large array of foods. The first hint at the monster's diet was when a photo of whales the monster had partially consumed appeared on During Cloverfield, Marlena says she saw it "eating people". The exterior esophagi are the right size to consume humans among other things. Other amateur video footage of Cloverfield reveal that the monster was also seen eating horses--multiple ones at the same time. Its head has sharp, bony features and two eyes with pupils large enough to almost obscure their requisite sclera from view. There are a set of membranous sacks on either side of the head behind the eyes, which inflate and recede back into the head, perhaps in time with its respiration.

The creature has a high resistance to projectile weaponry. Shells from M-1 tanks, AT-4 rockets, 80 Mk 82 bombs and other high powered ordnance failed to do anything other than aggravate the creature.

According to film producer J.J. Abrams, the creature is "a baby. He's brand-new. He's confused, disoriented and irritable. And he's been down there in the water for thousands and thousands of years."


The Monster's origins are unknown, but many people speculate that it is of extraterrestrial descent,[citation needed] even though this has been denied by J.J. Abrams.[citation needed] In the scene where Robert Hawkins, Lily Ford, Marlena Diamond, and Hudson Platt are walking though the subway Hud says to Rob "Dude, think about it the ocean is huge," talking about the monster's origins. This could connect to Abrams saying the monster is from the ocean.[citation needed] Abrams wanted the movie to be realistic; if a monster did attack we would have no idea where it came from unless we witnessed it.[citation needed]

The online ARG created to market the movie in the months leading up to its release reveals, through several hints, that the monster is indeed a deep sea creature, awoken by human submarines.[citation needed]



Cloverfield appears and wreaks havoc.

After many military attempts at bombing the monster and creating much devastation in Manhattan. Recent interviews with J.J. Abrams tell us that the bombing kills the monster.[citation needed]


Clover has outstanding physical capabilities, even though he is doing it out of fright and defense his body has adapted to harsh conditions especially undersea pressures. He also seems virtually invulnerable to most forms of weaponry that humanity can throw at, (including a bombing run from a B-2 bomber) and can stand back up from the power in a few seconds. During the movie it was shown that he is indeed strong enough to rip the statue of Liberty's head off and throw it with ease like a baseball.


Cloverfield Kishin

Clover appears in a 2008 manga based on the film titled Cloverfield Kishin, published by Kadokawa.


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