Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces

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Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces
Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces emblem

Type Military organization
Led by Steven Woods (formerly), Chavez
San Diego, California (science division),
Monster Islands (command center)
Also known as CKR, Counter-Kaiju Reactionary Forces
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla: Rulers
of Earth
"Thinking on Our Feet"

The Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces (abbreviated CKR or C.K.R.) is an American military organization that appears in IDW Publishing's 2013 comic series Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. The CKR was established with the primary purpose of repelling kaiju from populated areas, as well as studying them in the hopes of learning more about them. The organization was originally headed by Commander Steven Woods.


Minor variations of "Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces" can be found in the recap sections of the volumes collecting Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. The recap in both Volume 2 and Volume 5 refers to the group as the "Counter-Kaiju Reactionary Forces", though this specific variation is never used within the issues themselves. The recap in Volume 3 also omits the hyphen in the organization's name. Additionally, concept art reveals an earlier abbreviation written as "CKRS", although this specific abbreviation does not appear in the series itself. The term "Seekers", which appears frequently throughout the comic to describe CKR soldiers, is derived from the phonetic pronunciation of "CKR".


Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

The Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces were established at some point following the invasion of Earth by space monsters. CKR soldiers, or "Seekers", were outfitted with various types of weaponry specifically designed to combat kaiju, such as Headache Beams, the Ice Box, sonar guns, and more. Beyond these unique weapons, the CKR’s fleet included the mechs MOGUERA and the modified Mechagodzilla. In addition, a science division (based in San Diego, California) was formed to research the kaiju and develop more unique weaponry in the fight against them. Due to his unique first-hand experience with kaiju, Steven Woods was selected to lead the organization.

The CKR saw a great deal of action as a new wave of kaiju began rising across the globe, beginning with Zilla appearing in Hawaii. Commander Steven Woods led a team of CKR Seekers against Zilla and Godzilla himself in Honolulu; in the aftermath, they were able to find a skin sample from Godzilla and the leg of an unidentified creature. The CKR soon found itself in the crosshairs of the Cryog aliens, who unleashed an army of Juvenile Destoroyahs in San Diego. In response, the CKR dispatched their forces to fight the creatures, unfortunately leaving their science division headquarters vulnerable to a Cryog assault, in which the Cryog were able to procure the Godzilla skin sample. Shortly thereafter, Steven and his Seekers battled the upgraded Gigan after the Cryog set the cyborg loose upon Las Vegas, prompting the CKR to deploy the then-new MOGUERA to fend off the alien monster. The CKR's forces, the mysterious robot Jet Jaguar, and Godzilla defeated Gigan and another alien kaiju that had been created from Godzilla's DNA, Orga. Steven and CKR Seeker Chavez were accidentally abducted by the Cryog in the process, though they were fortunately rescued by Jet Jaguar later on.

Following the battle between Godzilla and Biollante which temporarily saw the end of the Cryog threat, the CKR began orchestrating a plan to convert an uncharted island chain into a site dubbed the Monster Islands to contain some of the new monsters, intending to use MOGUERA and Mechagodzilla to transport captured kaiju to the islands. Among the first kaiju relocated there were Sanda and Gaira, whom the CKR and kaiju researcher Lucy Casprell were able to save from Godzilla’s fury in Australia, as well as Baragon, who fought Mechagodzilla in France. Around the same time, the CKR once more found themselves under assault by an alien threat, now from the Devonians, who launched an attack on a CKR naval fleet stationed around the Monster Islands. Once more, Jet Jaguar was able to provide aid, though the CKR suffered heavy losses from the Destoroyah army unleashed upon them, which included the pilot of Mechagodzilla; Steven was also seriously injured in the fight. Nonetheless, the Devonian threat was eliminated.

In the following years, the CKR established a new command center on the Monster Islands, where Lucy and other members of her kaiju investigation team now lived, studying the kaiju as part of the CKR’s Monster Islands Research Team. By then, Steven had also been discharged from active duty due to his injury, and attended a Senate hearing concerning the continued funding of the CKR. With monster activity having decreased, the government halted most of the CKR’s funding, with the exception of the continued funding of the Monster Islands and all of its related operations. Later, Chavez and Lucy assembled a team who were dispatched alongside the Mechagodzilla crew to investigate an incident involving Anguirus in Russia, who was attacked by an unknown weapon – later discovered to be a different Mechagodzilla, which had been secretly built by the Cryog. The Cryog used their Mechagodzilla units to attack the CKR’s own Mechagodzilla and the CKR escort accompanying them, though Chavez and Lucy’s team survived the attack.

After Godzilla thwarted the Cryog’s plans and destroyed their Mechagodzillas, Steven rejoined the CKR while Lucy’s team journeyed to Brazil to investigate what they discovered to be Meganulon eggs, which was followed by more kaiju inexplicably emerging. Concurrently, in the wake of the fall of Infant Island, the Shobijin sought refuge on the Monster Islands with Mothra’s larvae, unwittingly leading Battra to the islands. Just as Battra was engaging CKR forces who were attempting to defend the larvae, the islands were besieged by a horde of alien kaiju called the Trilopods, who decimated the islands' facilities and abducted the resident kaiju. Surviving CKR personnel were forced to evacuate, with the Monster Islands considered lost in the mayhem. With the arrival of the Trilopod hive in Los Angeles, Lucy and her team were dispatched to Okinawa, Japan, alongside a squad of CKR Seekers to find and awaken the ancient guardian monster, King Caesar. Battra wiped out the CKR team, though Lucy and her allies survived and successfully revived King Caesar to help them fight the Trilopods. Meanwhile, Steven, Chavez, and all remaining CKR forces later regrouped in Los Angeles to take the fight directly to the Trilopods and their hive. The CKR assisted evacuation efforts in the city and fought back Trilopods that had taken on Godzilla's characteristics until Jet Jaguar returned to help them. When numerous Trilopod hybrids were released from the hive to kill Godzilla, a vast fighter jet squadron arrived to assist him alongside MOGUERA and Mechagodzilla. As the kaiju of Earth fought against the Trilopods, Steven and Chavez rescued Lucy and her team from the hive, though Steven was fatally injured in the process. Eventually, the combined forces of Earth succeeded in defeating the Trilopods and Magita, not to mention the Cryog themselves.

In the aftermath of the great battle, Chavez took over Steven's role as leader of the CKR, which expanded its fleet to include superweapons such as the Super X and the Gotengo, dedicated to the continued protection of Earth and humanity.


  • Steven Woods, Seeker commander (deceased)
  • Chavez, Seeker commander
  • Dr. Allison, scientist (deceased)
  • Lucy Casprell, Monster Islands Research Team (formerly)
  • Kristina Sumres, Monster Islands Research Team (formerly)
  • Jason Ford, Monster Islands Research Team (formerly)
  • Mifune, Seeker (deceased)





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