Curse of the Dragon

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
DNA Land
Curse of the Dragon
Blue Star
Curse of the Dragon
Curse of the Dragon
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 21
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Francis Nief

Curse of the Dragon is the twenty-first episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


After showing Jason Jenkins his new computer watch, Tan and Jason are called by Dr. Jenkins about a newly arrived email from China, regarding a Martial Arts championship they had both applied for, however only Jason was selected. Eric is greatly distraught by this and proclaims that he is giving up Karate, and opts not to go to the tournament with Jason and Lua. In China, a man named Wu-Chan, purporting to be taking them to their hotel, sends them to a limousine where Ramone De La Porta is waiting for them with a fluffy dog. At an abandoned house in the countryside, De La Porta reveals that he has successfully discovered the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, who was buried with a parchment with instructions on how to activate the Primal Stone of Life and Death, which could make him immortal. Back on Kong Island, Tan begins to suspect that something is amiss when Kong begins to get moody. They then discover that Jason is not at the International Karate Tournament, while Ramone reveals that he will have Jason retrieve the parchment while he holds Lua hostage. As Tan and Kong prepare to head out, Dr. Jenkins bestows Tan with a Cyber-Link computer, and has him merge with Kong to transport him to China. As Jason enters the tomb and passes through the lines of terracotta warriors, he reads the inscription "The Great Dragon awakes at sunset if the Emperor's sleep is disturbed" above a doorway. Jason then uses Tan's computer watch to learn the phrase's significance, when Tan calls him to learn his location shortly before the floor gives way underneath him, revealing a pit full of spikes and red snakes. Just as his pedestal begins to crumble, Kong and Tan rescue him. They continue to traverse the perilous tomb until they reach the Emperor's chamber, where Jason removes the partially exposed parchment from the coffin before it descends into the floor, and the statues around them fire their arrows. Kong is able to lift the humans out of harm's way, and is tickled by the many arrows that are fired into his shins. They escape the temple, and go to negotiate with De La Porta, who has Wu-chan merge with his fluffy Pekingese dog and a snake to take the form of The Great Dragon. He and Kong then begin to battle atop the Great Wall, before Kong slams a rock against his head, forcing the three to de-merge. De La Porta then attempts to take the parchment away from Tan and Lua, but it is chewed and destroyed by his dog. They then flee with Wu-Chan, before Jason rushes to the International Karate Tournament and wins.





  • This episode features the return of the second design of the series' title card, first introduced in The Infinity Stone, and discontinued in Enlil's Wrath.
  • This episode confirms that the Kong in the series is not a whole clone of the original Kong, but also has some of Jason Jenkins DNA inside him, making them ideal Cyber-Link merge partners.


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