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Desghidorah as he is seen in Rebirth of Mothra
Alternate names Death Ghidorah, DeathGhidorah, Desgidorah
Species Demonic Extraterrestrial Three-Headed Dragon
Height 50 meters
Length 100 meters
Wingspan 80 meters
Weight 75,000 metric tons
Forms Land Form
Flying Form
Relations King Ghidorah (Relative)
Allies None
Enemies Mothra
Mothra Leo
Created by Masumi Suetani,
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Portrayed by Mizuho Yoshida
First appearance Latest appearance
Rebirth of Mothra Rebirth of Mothra
Design(s) ShodaiDesughido
More roars

Desghidorah (デスギドラ,   Desugidora) is a Ghidorah created by Toho that first appeared in the 1996 Toho film, Rebirth of Mothra.


Desghidorah's name comes from desu (デス), the Japanese transliteration of death, and Ghidorah (ギドラ,   Gidora), the immediate name of King Ghidorah's species.


Heisei Series

Rebirth of Mothra

Millions of years ago, Desghidorah first appeared on the planet Mars, destroying it and turning it into a wasteland. It then flew to planet Earth with more intent to destroy it. It began attacking the planet, but it was met with a revolt. A race called the Elias, small human-like beings, sent Mothra to defeat him. The battle was fought for a very long time, and the Elias' civilization was nearly destroyed. Desghidorah was defeated and locked away in a chamber so no one could ever release him.

In the year 1996, a company is clearing out a forest when a worker stumbled across a buried structure with ancient writing on it. The worker took a small pendant from the stone, and gave it to his daughter as a gift. Not long after, the Girl was visited by Belvera, one of the last surviving members of the Elias. The other survivors, Moll and Laura, came to try and take the pendant, which was called "The seal of Elias." The seal would awaken and release Desghidorah, and Belvera would try to control it.

Belvera went to the Desghidorah's tomb, and caused it to rise from the ground. She managed to break it open, and Desghidorah was released. Desghidorah rose from the tomb and began to absorb energy from the forest around him.

Moll and Laura sent Mothra to defeat him, but she was quickly overpowered. Her egg hatched prematurely, into Mothra Leo, and he came to save his mother. Even the combined efforts of Mothra and Leo, they couldn't defeat it. Mothra flew off with her child and died over the ocean.

Leo wanted revenge, and he formed a cocoon and turned into his Imago form. Desghidorah harvested all the energy he could, then regrew his wings. Mothra Leo flew after the monster, and fought him with all his might. After a long battle, Leo sealed Desghidorah back in its tomb, then returned to his island.


Desghidorah's fire in Rebirth of Mothra

While grounded, Desghidorah can emit jets of fire from the mouth of his middle head (known as Hell's Flame), spit Lava Gout Energy Bolts from all three heads, send electricity through foes he bites (known as a Red Electric Surge), emit powerful pulses of energy (known as a Shock Pulse) and unleash a strong shockwave attack. His ultimate maneuver, Fiery Pyre Road, involves Desghidorah causing the ground to split and create a stream of fire from within the Earth. Desghidorah can fly at Mach 23, and can also create hurricane-strength winds from his wings in addition to all of his regular abilities.

Video Game Appearances


Main article: Desghidorah/Gallery.


Desghidorah's roars were adapted from stock elephant trumpeting performed by Frank Welker. The roars were later reused for the Ultraman Tiga monster Gatanozoa.

Desghidorah's roars


  • Desghidorah is the first Ghidorah to be a quadruped, followed by Keizer Ghidorah in Godzilla: Final Wars. Both kaiju are also wingless in their first form.
    • He is also the first Ghidorah to appear in a film without Godzilla as a co-star.
  • Desghidorah is the only villain kaiju in the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy to not be killed by Mothra Leo. Instead, he is sealed away.
  • Desghidorah is one of two Toho kaiju to breathe real fire on set as opposed to a spray or optical ray, along with Orochi in Yamato Takeru.

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