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Diamond Select Toys is an American toy and collectible manufacturer. A subsidiary of Diamond Comics Distributors, they are notable for their adult-focused products such as collectible action figures, toys, statues, and pop culture-themed everyday products. Diamond Select Toys began producing Godzilla-themed merchandise in 2014 to coincide with Legendary Pictures' Godzilla reboot and has continued ever since.

Vinyl banks

Figural banks

Diamond Select produced a line of 12-inch tall full figure vinyl banks as well as a similar line of 8-inch tall upper-body bust banks.

Bust banks

Minimates and Vinimates

Main article: Minimates.

Diamond Select Toys' Minimates and Vinimates lines have produced multiple Godzilla-related sets.

PVC statues

A line of large-scale PVC statues that can be displayed as both standalone pieces or part of a combined diorama.

Legends in 3-Dimensions

A line of resin-cast large-scale busts based on Godzilla suit designs.

Miscellaneous items

Various household items with Godzilla themes.

Convention displays


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