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Dream Planet Japan Co., Ltd.
The Dream Planet Japan logo

Type Multipurpose (see § Services)
Status Active
Led by Koichi Kawakita[1] → Mineko Kawakita[2]
Founder(s) Koichi Kawakita[3]
Founded January 6, 2003[2]
1-35-1 Chūō, Nakano,
Tokyo, Japan 164-0011[2]
Also known as Dream Planet Japan Inc.
Website http://www.dreamplanet-j.co.jp/

Dream Planet Japan Co., Ltd. (株式会社ドリーム・プラネット・ジャパン,   Kabushiki Gaisha Dorīmu Puranetto Japan, abbr. DPJ) is a Japanese independent production company, founded in 2003 by special effects director Koichi Kawakita following his departure from Toho. The remainder of Kawakita's work until his death in 2014 was produced fully or partially by DPJ, including the entirety of the Ultra Star God tokusatsu superhero franchise, for which the company was responsible for special effects. The 2014 miniseries Gunbot was DPJ's final work with Kawakita, who passed away on the day of its final episode's airing. The company has since been taken over by Kawakita's daughter Mineko and continues to offer a variety of services as well as running an online store for Godzilla merchandise.


As of January 27, 2018, Dream Planet Japan offers the following services:[4]

  • Video planning and production
  • Production of PR videos, commercials, etc.
  • Planning and production of special effects footage
  • Theme park planning, designing, and production
  • Planning, designing, and construction of cultural facilities
  • Planning, designing, and construction of commercial facilities
  • Development of events for commercial facilities
  • Planning, production, and management of exhibitions
  • Manufacturing and construction of models and sculptures
  • Planning, development, manufacturing, and selling of toys and character goods
  • Planning and editing of books and other publications

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