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A Foetodon in King Kong (2005)
Alternate names Crocodile,
Giant Monitor Lizard, Wetasaur, Foetodon ferrus
Species Giant Lizard
Length 15-20 feet[1]
Allies Other Foetodon
Enemies Vastatosaurus rex
Created by Peter Jackson
Portrayed by CGI
First appearance King Kong (2005)

Foetodon is a fictional species of large predatory lizard that appears in the 2005 film, King Kong.


In an early draft of the script for King Kong, the Foetodon's role was filled by a carnivorous dinosaur.[2] Late in the design process Peter Jackson requested a new dinosaur be made by Weta Workshop.[3][4] Though Weta Workshop would learn that Jackson wanted this new creature to be quadrupedal, the crew at Weta initially did not know the nature of the scene the creature would appear in.[3] During this period, concept artist Greg Broadmore created a concept in 2004 of a theropod-like creature with large claws and a slightly upright pose like older dinosaur restorations.[3][5] With the knowledge that Jackson wanted the creature to be quadrupedal, Weta explored different reptilian lineages and what Christian Pearce described as "funky designs," as there was no carnivorous dinosaur that matched Jackson's description.[6] Daniel Falconer created a design that was rauisuchian in appearance with dark green skin that towered over human beings.[7] Christian Pearce created a design titled "Tartarusaurus" which he described as being "dragon-like" in appearance with a "questionable anatomical reality." Though the design was rejected, Pearce said it helped "steer [Weta Workshop] in the right direction, if only by showing one path [they] didn't want to take."[6] The name of this design, "Tartarusaurus" would later be reused for another carnivorous reptilian quadruped in The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island.

Jackson ultimately led the team at Weta Workshop to pursue a design that was closer to a lizard than a dragon.[6] Further along the design process of the Foetodon, Weta used a cast of a Komodo dragon as a reference for the creature. Jackson then suggested that the lizard have growths on its face, so in response Weta added diseased boils to the creature and made its mouth filthier.[4]


Foetoedon means "sinking tooth" while its full species name, Foetodon ferrus, means "cruel sinking tooth."[1]


Foetodon superficially resembles a large lizard with a short blunt head. It has crocodilian osteoderms running down its neck and back and crocodilian webbed feet. In the film, they are shown to have what appears to be a mouth disease. It is explained in The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island that this is a mouth infection contracted from leaf litter. This infection would disfigure the animal so much so that Foetodon's skull would frequently bear cruel scars because of it.[1]


The book The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island states that Foetodon descended from crocodilian ancestors.[8]


King Kong (2005)

After escaping from Kong, Ann Darrow ran through the jungles of Skull Island until she came upon a Foetodon feeding on the corpse of another creature. While hiding, Ann accidentally stepped on a branch, alerting the Foetodon. Ann tried to make her escape but was spotted by another Foetodon. The Foetodon chased Ann inside a hollow log, but was pulled away and eaten by a Vastatosaurus rex. The other Foetodon then ran away as the V-Rex turned its attention toward Ann.


  • In production, the Foetodon was referred to by Weta Workshop as the "wetasaur" in reference to the digital effects company.[9] The Foetodon was given this temporary name because Weta felt there was no-real world analog to the creature for most of its design phase.[10]


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