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Gilmaras in Zone Fighter
Alternate names Girmaras, Girumaras
Subtitle(s) Thorny Terror-Beast
(とげ恐獣,   Toge Kyōjū)
Height 75 meters
Weight 75,000 metric tons
Controlled by Garogas
Relations Garogas (Creators)
Allies Garogas
Enemies Zone Fighter
First appearance Zone Fighter Episode 7:
Zone Family's Critical Moment!

Gilmaras (ギルマラス,   Girumarasu) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 7 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Zone Fighter titled Zone Family's Critical Moment!


Gilmaras resembles a vaguely fish-like dragon with blue skin. He has yellow fins on his head, similar to Titanosaurus, and a large crest fin which runs down his back from his head. He has yellow spikes over his belly and back, and he has a long tail. His eyes are bright yellow.


Zone Fighter

Zone Family's Critical Moment!

Garoga 13, disguised as Hotaru, had been trying to kill the Zone Family by way of numerous schemes throughout the day, but his plans constantly failed. He set a bomb in the hotel room where the Zone Family were staying, but his disguise was foiled by Tsukiko. Garoga 13 began to attack, but Hikaru entered the room and transformed into Zone Fighter, and the two fought, eventually making their way outside. Zone threw the Garoga over a cliff into a crater, but the evil alien transformed into Gilmaras as a final attack. Gilmaras and Zone then clashed, however little effort was required of Zone to defeat the monster.



Gilmaras has a sharp pointed nose which can be removed, revealing a cavity out of which fire can be expelled.


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Gilmaras reuses roars from the Return of Ultraman kaiju, Dangar which have been lowered in pitch.


  • Gilmaras bears an uncanny resemblance to the Ultra kaiju Muruchi.


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