Ginko Amano

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Ginko Amano
Ginko's true form in Warning from Space
Ginko disguised as a human in Warning from Space
Species Pairan
Occupation Pairan leader
First appearance Warning from Space
Played by Toyomi Karita

Ginko Amano (天野銀子,   Amano Ginko) is a Pairan leader that appears in the 1956 Daiei film, Warning from Space.


While her full name of Ginko Amano appears in the original Japanese version, the American cut of Warning from Space refers to her simply as "Ginko," or the "Space-Man Ginko."


Ginko Amano does not appear unique among her species, with a grey, five-pointed, starfish-like body and single, glowing eye.


Showa era

Warning from Space

After unsuccessful attempts at making contact with humanity, the starfish-like Pairan aliens hatch a plan to disguise one of their own as Hikari Aozora, a popular Japanese entertainer. The aliens' leader, Ginko Amano, volunteers for the task, stepping into an odd, circular device and taking on a human form. Ginko is found floating in a lake by Toru Isobe, believing himself to be rescuing her. As she goes about life on Earth, Ginko begins to reveal superhuman traits, such as jumping 10 feet into the air or appearing in different places without making any sound. She was also able to completely understand Taeko Matsuda's work on a nuclear device, raising suspicion. Later, as a group of scientists discuss the phenomena, Ginko levitates towards them and reveals her true identity. She explains to them that she is from the planet Paira and that a rogue planet is on a collision course with Earth. They appeal to the World Congress about the situation, but are rejected. Though, the Congress soon realize the validity of Ginko's warnings, launching nuclear weapons at the fast-approaching planet in the hopes to destroy it. The Pairans create a nuclear weapon of their own using Matsuda's research, and destroy the rogue planet with it, saving Earth. Ginko then returns to her spacecraft, shedding her human disguise.



Warning from Space


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