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Godziban promotional image
Air date August 9, 2019-
Produced by Keiji Ota, Taichi Ueda, Koji Azuma,
Akihiro Yamauchi, Takanori Higuchi
Distributed by Toho
Channel(s) Godzilla Channel (YouTube)
Genre(s) Comedy, puppetry
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Godziban (ゴジばん,   Gojiban) is an ongoing multi-segmented Japanese puppet web series co-produced by Toho, AlphaBoat, and Studio Koganemushi which premiered on the Godzilla Channel YouTube channel on August 9, 2019. The series is the result of a Godzilla-based audition campaign held by the collaborative project GEMSTONE and reuses puppets from Koganemushi's 2004 puppet show, Gekigoji.


Godziban episodes are divided into a number of unique segments, typically anywhere from two to four. The most prominent of these are Go! Go! Godzilla-kun (Go! Go!ゴジラくん,   Go Go Gojira-kun), in which Godzilla-kun teaches his brothers Minilla and Little various Godzilla skills, such as breathing atomic breath or tail sliding, and Attention! Godzilla (かまった!ゴジラ,   Kamatte Gojira), in which Kamatte-kun appears before people in times of need. Each episode ends with a nameless entry of Master of Monsters: Hedoji (ヘドじい,   Hedojī, lit. Old Man Hedo), where a conversation occurs between the titular Hedoji and his grandson Hedochi as they trek through a seemingly endless wasteland. In episode 6, which included all three of the aforementioned segments, a bonus second installment of Hedoji was included entitled Master of Monsters: Hedoji Extra (ヘドじい番外,   Hedojī Bangai, lit. Old Man Hedo Extra). Episode 8 introduced the animated segment Go! Jet Jaguar (ジェットジャガーに訊け!,   Jetto Jagā ni Kike, lit. Ask Jet Jaguar!), in which Jet Jaguar is an advanced robot created by Dr. Roborobo who answers press questions from a podium at a news conference, while Moshi Mosu (もしモス) appeared in episode 9, following two Mothra larvae on their journeys through life. In episode 10, a spinoff of Hedoji was introduced entitled Hedoji Adventures (ヘドじい漫遊記,   Hedojī Manyūki), comprised of a montage of smaller segments in which Hedoji and Hedochi visit an area of Japan while discussing viewer-suggested topics.


Go! Go! Godzilla-kun
  1. "Volume of: We Are the Three Godzilla Brothers!"
  2. "Volume of: Hit it! Three Godzilla Brothers"
  3. "Volume of: the Secret Training Dojo"
  4. "Volume of: Secret! Dropkick"
  5. "Volume of: Run Past! Three Brothers"
  6. "Volume of: Godziban Tales - the Tortoise and the Hare"
Attention! Godzilla
  1. "Parting Lovers"
  2. "The Sad Ballerina"
  3. "Office Lady Yuko's Depression"
  4. "The Sorrowful Warrior Girls"
Go! Jet Jaguar
  1. "Volume of: First in History!! The Robot Press Conference"
  2. "Volume of: Jet Jaguar Activates!!"
  3. Untitled episode
Moshi Mosu
  1. "Volume of: Moshu Moshu Transmission"
Hedoji Adventures
  1. "Volume of: Aso, Kumamoto, Hinokuni"


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Hideyuki Kobayashi
  • Written by   Hideyuki Kobayashi
  • Produced by   Koji Azuma, Takanori Higuchi
  • Executive Producing by   Keiji Ota, Taichi Ueda, Akihiro Yamauchi
  • Music by   Hideyuki Kobayashi, Nana Morohoshi
  • Cinematography by   Koichi Inokuchi, Jun Shimazaki
  • Puppets Created by   Hideyuki Kobayashi, Mile Paxton
  • Puppet Operators   Hiroto Nakayama, Megumi Kawano, Emi Takita
  • Title Logo(s) by   Yukihide Toyoda
  • Illustrators   Junko Kubota, Marunana, Onigiri, Shiu Yoshijima


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Yumiko Takahashi   as   Godzilla-kun (voice)
  • Rino Shimomura   as   Rino, office lady
  • Masahiro Omura   as   Rino's boyfriend
  • Clair   as   Mia, ballerina
  • Marie Katsura   as   Ballet master / Marika, warrior girl
  • Yuko Amami   as   Yuko, office lady
  • Aiko Yuhara   as   Aira, warrior girl



Weapons, Vehicles, and Races

  • Shobijin (Go! Go! Godzilla-kun and Moshi Mosu title / end cards)



A pilot for Godziban was submitted in March of 2019 to the first GEMSTONE Creators Audition, which had the theme of "Godzilla." It was awarded the grand prize of 300,000 yen, along with G vs. G, Fiction, Gifu Godzilla, DRESS, and Godzilla Trailer.[1] The prize-winning creators were thus given the opportunity to work with producers at Toho, with Godziban becoming a full series aired on the official Godzilla Channel months later.

Award Category Recipient(s) Result
GEMSTONE Creators Audition Vol.1 Godzilla Godziban Won[1]

Manga adaptation

A 4-panel comic strip-style manga adaptation of Godziban, entitled Godziman (ゴジ漫,   Gojiman), began being serialized by the Japanese anime news site Animage Plus beginning on September 12, 2019.[2] New issues are released every Thursday.


GEMSTONE submission video
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11


  • Godziban marks the first Godzilla-related series to be produced since 1999's Godzilla TV. It is also the first ever web-exclusive Godzilla series.
  • A number of episodes of the Go! Go! Godzilla-kun segment feature references to previous Godzilla films.
    • In episode 1, Godzilla-kun stepping on Minilla's tail to make him fire stronger smoke rings is a reference to the film Son of Godzilla, in which Godzilla stepping on Minilla's tail causes him to fire atomic breath, rather than smoke rings.
    • Anguirus communicates with Godzilla-kun through roars and speech bubbles at the request of Japanese YouTube user Uchi no Angirasu (うちのアンギラス). This is in reference to the Japanese theatrical version of Godzilla vs. Gigan, which featured Godzilla and Anguirus' dialogue being represented with speech bubbles. Anguirus' recurring line "OK!" is even taken directly from the film.
    • The "Godzilla Kick" move that Godzilla-kun teaches to Minilla and Little in episode 4 is a reference to an identical move performed by Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Megalon. This too was a fan request, by user Yoshio-kun (ヨシオくん).
  • The ending to episode 6 of Go! Go! Godzilla-kun may be seen as a reference to Gamera. Minilla and Little, dressed as turtles, spin around and lift off into the air, similar to the manner in which Gamera flies.
  • As with Go! Go! Godzilla-kun, fan suggestions began being taken for Master of Monsters: Hedoji beginning in episode 8. Episode 8's premise was suggested by Yasutaka (泰貴), and episode 9's by Kuroneko vs. Godzilla (黒猫vsゴジラ,   Kuroneko tai Gojira).


This is a list of references for Godziban. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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27 days ago
Score 0
This seriously looks like a children's series.


27 days ago
Score 0
Because it is?


28 days ago
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Now I can understand what they're saying!!!


29 days ago
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Godzilla Island: Millennium


2 months ago
Score 0
The Little Jr prop is so cute

Green Blob Thing

2 months ago
Score 0
This is certainly something, I'll give it that. Cute? Uh... Not really... More horrifying than anything.

Indominus Rex 2016

2 months ago
Score 0
Ok, i'm gonna be honnest, i never expected Minilla, Little Godzilla and Kamata-Kun to share the same screen.


2 months ago
Score 0
What's the lil Hedorah's name?


2 months ago
Score 0
It doesn't have one as far as I know / have seen.

The King of the Monsters

2 months ago
Score 0
A magazine article recently revealed his name to be Hedochi.


3 months ago
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https://www....=aqE2AKhAWGc Episode 2 just dropped


3 months ago
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So this is the plot I can understand so far... Godzilla takes Minilla and little godzilla on a walk.Godzilla then begins to teach minilla and little godzilla how to roar like him. Little godzilla is successful but minilla is not.

Godzilla then begins to teach them how to breath atomic breath, little godzila again, is successful but minilla breathes smoke rings instead of the standered atomic breath.The three then go walking when they look up in the sky and see food shaped clouds. The three get hungry[there stomach growls] and begin to eat some furit. Godzilla,minilla, and little godzilla then call it a day, and all three breath atomic breath at the sky causing a fire work.


3 months ago
Score 0
This show had so many seasons before hand. Gabara, Baragon, Gorosaurus, Anguirus, Ghidorah, all were on it.


3 months ago
Score 0
Different thing from the same people. That was a stage show from 2004.


3 months ago
Score 0
Oh really? I looked up the twitter, and it's the same group of people though? Maybe the next generation?


3 months ago
Score 0
Yes, it's the same production company, but these are different shows using the same puppets. The 2004 show you're thinking of was called Gekigoji.
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