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Godzilla: Save the Earth
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Godzilla: Save the Earth soundtrack

The following are transcripts of the ending credits screens of the various versions of Godzilla: Save the Earth.

North American PlayStation 2 Version

Xbox Version

Pipeworks, Inc.

Godzilla Development Team

Rhett Anderson

Robert Caracol

Chris Chin

Timothy Steven Clarke

Ron Clayborn

Mark Crowe

Shane Dunbar

Terry Farnham

Forest Ingram

Jarrett Jester

Mike McGrath

Vance Naegle

Berkley Palmer

James Poelke

Donald Rayl

Rich Rayl

Rich Rayl

Gil Rosado

Connor M. Salisbury

Mark Santesson

Solomon Sliwinski

Aaron Smith

Byron Stiles

Simon Strange

Ryan Trowbridge

Dan White

Armando Wilderman

Additional Work By

Brian Apgar

Eric Fenstermaker

Rich Gomer

Curtis E.A. Karnow

Jake Leduc

Brian Peck

Stephen Philpott

Sandy Dove-Thomas

And Special Thanks To...

All of the wives and families, of the development team, for putting up with all the long hours put in by the team.


Attitude Studio


Antoine Charreyron

Modeling Supervisor

Jérǒme "Jex" Desvignes

Motion Capture Supervisor

Christophe Correani

Setup & Animation Supervisor

William Le Henanff

Visual Effects Supervisor

Freddy "Da Heat" Chaleur

Shading, Lighting and SFX Supervisor

Gil Cornut

Layout Supervisor

Fabrice Jigorel

Systems and Networks Administrators

Sylvain Debes

Paul Scheben

Production Staff

Frêdêric Simonot

Annika Boman


Anne Le Charter

Frêdêric Kontogom


Ivan Gomez


Jean-François Azzopardi

Remi Bachmann

Julia Bordeau

Jean-François Roulon

Anthony Nguyen T. Chuong

Sylvain Scarchilli

Philippe Zozor

Setup & Keyframe Animation

Charles Andrieu

Nicolas Baudoin

Florent Delecourt

Patrick Giusiano

Alexandre Henri

Laurent Pancaccini

Texture Mapping

Cêline Lardet

Julien Brami

Patricia Magniez


Henri Zaitoun

Shading, Lighting & SFX

Jêrôme "Deshtir" Brack

Emmanuel Campin

Olivier Sarecot

Compositing and & Matte Painting

Gaelle Bossis

Thibaut Petillion


Executive Producer

Peter Wyse


Kirby Fong

Technical Director (L.A. Studio)

Greg Marquez

EVP of Marketing

Erik Gerson

Director of Marketing

Mike Webster

Brand Manager

Scott McCarthy

Senior PR Manager

Matt Frary

VP Creative Services

Gale Alles

Senior Art Director

Dave Gaines

Director of Creative Services

Steve Martin

Graphic Designer

Paul Anselmi

Manager Creative Services

Kathryn Lynch

Senior Artist

Shawn 'Beany' Monroe

Executive Producer On-Line

Jon Nelson

Senior Producer On-Line

Scott Lynch

Senior Designer On-Line

Richard Leighton

Senior Programmer On-Line

Monkey Burns

3rd Party Strategic Relations

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Schneer

Cecilia Hernandez

Shaila Patel

SunnyVale Engineering Services

Ken Edwards

Eugene Lai

Director of Publishing Support

Michael Gilmartin

Q.A. Testing Supervisors

Dave Strang

Ezequiel "Chumpy" Nunez

Lead Tester

P. Tseren Sodbinow

Assistant Lead Testers

Brad Johnson

Sam Mansour

Kevin Hogan

John Seefurth


Joe Acedillo

Adam Caldwell

Dennis Chan

Sarah Cherlin

Elong Chiu

Emily D'Aurora

Neil Digiacomo

Andy Fang

Jaysun Freightman

Tony Hsu

Pepe Jauregui

Franco Junio

Angel Marquez

Chad Neel

Michael O'Shea

Eric Pacho

Brandon Reed

Howell Selburn

Joe Taylor

Adrian Toler

Ed Toribio

Leo Trac

Carl Vogel

Special Thanks: Natasha Marie Dykes "Baby Girl"

Director of Editorial & Documentation Services

Elizabeth Mackney

Documentation Specialist

Ross Edmond


Norm Schrager

Toho Co., Ltd.

Shozo Watanabe

Masaharu Ina

Tetsushi Sudo


Ron Fish

"Godzilla's Theme"

Composed by Akira Ifukube

Copyright controlled by Toho Music Corporation

Masterright is licensed by Toho Music Corporation

Voice Cast and Credits

K. Blackton

C. Crawford

Cast Directed and Recorded By


Greg "G-Dub" Weber

Steve "Big Data" Duell

Christian Pizzirani V2.0

The Kevin Miller

Always Kim Weber

The Princess: Jaime Weber

And introducing Scout as "The Dog"

Special Thanks

Lisa Leong

Travis Stansbury

Steve Madsen

Lorraine Garcia

Jean Raymond

Patty Swanson

Elias Slater

Tom Hitchcock

Art Santos

Mr. Soup

Who is Mr. Soup?

Serene Chan


Steve "WB" Cavazos

James Gaines

Lori Der

Alex Cabal

Francois Lourdin

The boys at AkkuratPGI

Dean Lawson of Cyberlore Studios

Eric Ciocca of Cyberlore Studios for PS2 Online Support

Cinematic Sound Design and Mixing by Soundelux Design Music Group


Great job on the creation of Godzilla.com

Thanks to Scott Mora and your entire crew - Keep up the Gloriousness


Xbox version: Credits

Game Manual Credits

External links

PlayStation 2 version credits on MobyGames


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