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Godzilla: Unleashed
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Godzilla: Unleashed soundtrack

The following are transcripts of the ending credits screens of the various versions of Godzilla: Unleashed.

North American Wii version

Pipeworks Software

A Division of Foundation 9 Entertainment

Lead Engineer

Solomon Sliwinski

Senior Engineer

Terry Farnham


Jason Cox

Stephen A. Goss

Mark Jansen

Chris Lentini

Berkley Palmer

Donald Rayl

Ian Sabine

Zac Sandine

Aaron Smith

Kory Spansel

Creative Director

Mark Crowe

Lead Character Designer

Simon Strange


Todd Agnello

Rachel Cordone

Randy King

John Silvey

Art Director

Robert Caracol


Chris Chin

Ron Clayborn

Mat Harris

Jarrett Jester

Tom King

Carrie McLean

Vance Naegle

Stephen Philpott

Bobby Wolfe

Lead Animator

Armando Wilderman


Joel Lee

Will Short

Nathan Fulton


Shelby Wills

Executive Producer

Robert Daly

Technical Director

Dan White


Ian Rodia

Lead QA

Jason Langer


Joe Alfare

Bryan Madigan

Keith Miyahara

David Finnila

Aaron Hefner

Richard Peper

Special Thanks

Matt Schaub

Lindsey Green

Ignacio Alino

Chidi Mbadugha

Nicholas Trahan

Matt Grove

Michael Grove

Jack Brummet

Lindsay Gupton

Aaron Endo

Mike Dean

David Mann

Jon Goldman

Dan Duncalf

Nicole Tanner

Sandra Lew

Bill Schneider

Edwin Maynard

Will Fairfield

Lloyd McCrorey

funnelbox Motion Pictures Studios

Our understanding families, and...

All of the Godzilla fans out there!

Uses Bink Video. Copyright © 1997 - 2007

by RAD Game Tools, INC.

Atari, Inc.


Product Development

Keehwan Her

Associate Producer

Robert Lindsey

Executive Producer

Hudson Piehl

VP of Product Development

Jean-Marcel Nicolaï

Senior VP Content Group

Samuel Gatté

Director of Production Support & QA

Sara Hasson

Production Support Product Manager

Robert Stevenson

VP of Business Development & 3rd Party

Roger F.A. Arias

Director of Business Development

Nicholas Aronis

Business Development Coordinator

Marketing and Sales

David Kim

Product Manager

Jeremiah Cohn

Senior Product Manager

Brennen Vega

Manager of Customer Relationship Management

James Giambrone

Customer Support Representative

Joanna Negron

Manager of Channel Marketing

Alissa Bell

Public Relations Manager

Veronica Franklin

Creative Services Manager

Lisa Bonk

Marketing Finance Director

Online Entertainment

Ian Sharpe

Director of Business Development

Matt Labunka

Business Development Associate

Nicolette Valdespino

Assistant Community Manager


Robert Spellerberg

VP of Inventory & Operations Accounting

Lisa Leon

Lead Senior Buyer

Tara Moretti



Kristina Pappa

VP & General Counsel

Kristen Keller

Senior Director of Business & Legal Affairs

Joe McDonald

Manager of IP Rights and Clearances

Karen Moreau

Manager of Contract Administration

Strategic Relationships

Joy Schneer

Director, Strategic Relations

Cecelia Hernandez

Sr. Manager Strategic Relations

QA and Support

Ezequiel "Chuck" Nunez

Manager of Publishing Support

Jason Cordero

Q.A. Supervisor

Michaeljohn Gutierrez

Q.A. Project Manager

Dave Strang

Manager, Compatibility and Engineering Services

Eugene Lai

Engineering Services Technician

Patricia-Jean Cody

Compatibility Analyst

Chris McQuinn

Sr. Compatibility Analyst

Special Thanks

Jamie Iadisernia


Jason Crawford

Henrik Standberg

Kate Crotty


- Heavy Melody Music & Sound Design Inc. -

Neil Goldberg

Dave Fraser

Original Music Creation, Production, Performance

Chris Peterson

Executive Producer

Ari Winters

Additional Music Composition

Intro Video

- Suite Spot LLC -


Eli Heitin

Adam Drescher


Wes Townsend


RelQ Test Laəs

Pradeep T V

Team Lead

Jammy Chungkham

Mohd. Abdul Fattah

Amit Bhat

Mervyn Rajesh


Balaji S V

Group Lead

S Venugopal

Delivery Manager

Subhash Bose

Pre-Mastering Technician

Naveen V

Sorokhalbam Rohenkumar

Yogesh Kulkarni

Standards Group


Production Team

Rebecka Coutaz

Republishing Director

Sébastien Chaudat

Republishing Manager

Raphaël Boyon

Republishing Producer

Ludovic Bony

Quality and Localisation Manager

Paul Motion

Localisation Project Manager

Didier Flipo

Localisation Technical Consultant

Caroline Fauchille

Printed Materials Manager

Sandrine Dubois

Printed Materials Project Manager

Vincent Hattenberger


Manufacturing / Supply Chain

Alain Fourcaud

Director Supply Chain

Mike Shaw

Jean Grenouiller

Ellse Pierrel

Delphine Doncieux

Manufacturing Coordinators

Game Evaluation Team

Jocelyn Cioffi

JY Lapasset

Evaluation & Consulting

Quality Assurance Team

Bertrand Mangin

Quality Control Project Manager

Claire McGowan

Certification Project Manager

Stéphane Entéric

Emeric Polin

Pascal Guillen

Engineering Services Expert

Sara Hasson

Product Planning Project Manager

Marketing Team

Cyril Volron

European Group Marketing Director

Alexandre Enklaar - Mathleu Plau

European Brand Manager

Renaud Marin

European Web Manager

Véronique Salmeron-Grenot

Web Coordination Manager

John Tyrrell

European Communications Director

Local Marketing Team

France: Antoine Jamet

Germany: Patrick Rausch

Uk: Ben Walker

Nordic: Jenni Sten

Italy: Fabio Cerrutti

Spain: Rodrigo de la Predaja

European PR Director: John Tyrrell

Strategic Relations

Etienne Piquet-Gauthier

Strategic Relations Director

Special Thanks To

Enzyme Labs & Rémy Julita

Synthesis International - Milano

Synthesis Iberia - Madrid

Exeque - Paris

Effective Media - Bochum

Bug Tracker


A Division of Foundation 9 Entertainment

North American PlayStation 2 version


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