Godzilla Returns

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Marc Cerasini Godzilla Novels
Godzilla Returns
Godzilla 2000
Godzilla Returns
Godzilla Returns
Author Marc Cerasini
Publisher Random House
Publish Date October 29, 1996
Genre Children's Books, Fiction
ISBN ISBN-10: 0679882219
ISBN-13: 978-0679882213

Godzilla Returns is a 233 page young adult novel written by Marc Cerasini in 1996. It is the first of the Random House Godzilla Young Adult novel series.


"1954 - Tokyo, Japan, is leveled by a gigantic rampaging monster – a force more powerful than a tsunami, more devastating than an atomic bomb. The creature is supposedly killed. But the few who survive his attack are forever haunted by a paralyzing fear that he could rise again...

1996 – Brian Shimura, a Japanese-American college student, has just arrived in Tokyo to work as a newspaper intern. His first assignment is to help investigate the so-called “return” of some legendary dinosaur monster. But when the fiery destruction begins, Brian’s skepticism is quickly transformed into awesome dread. This mythic monster is no myth... GODZILLA HAS COME BACK TO RAGE AGAIN!"


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