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Griffon in Latitude Zero
Alternate names Griffin, Gryphon, Black Moth,
Kuroiga, Kroiga, Kroiger
Subtitle(s) Compound Monster
(合成怪獣,   Gōsei Kaiju)[1]
Artificial Monster
(人造怪獣,   Jinzō Kaijū)[2]
Combined Beast
(合体獣,   Gattaijū)[3]
Species Surgically Altered
Human-Lion-Condor Hybrid
Height 30 meters[4]
Wingspan 50 meters[4]
Weight 2,000 metric tons[4]
Relations Malic (Creator),
Kroiga, lion, condor (Components)
Enemies Malic
Created by Shinichi Sekizawa
Portrayed by Haruo Nakajima
First appearance Latitude Zero
Do not confuse with Gryphon, or the GX-813 Griffon.
Kroiga was a fool as a woman. Is she also a fool as a Griffon? Why doesn't she attack?

Malic expressing his frustration when the Griffon does not obey his commands to attack Captain McKenzie and his allies (Latitude Zero)

Griffon (グリホン,   Gurihon) is a surgically altered lion kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1969 Toho film, Latitude Zero.


The Griffon's name comes from the mythological beast known as the griffin, an eagle-lion hybrid. In Latitude Zero, she is consistently called Kroiga, the name of the Black Shark captain whose brain was used for the monster's creation, though the creature is referred to as a "griffon" at one point by its creator, Malic. Adding further confusion to the matter, Toho International eventually decided upon Black Moth (黒い蛾,   Kuroiga) as the monster's international English name, the literal translation of Kroiga; the combination of kuroi (黒い), meaning black, and ga (蛾), meaning moth. However, in Japan, the monster is almost always referred to as Griffon (グリホン,   Gurihon).[5] Japanese sources usually either give the monster's English name as Griffon[2][6] or Griffin,[7] the latter spelling also used in the subtitles for the Tokyo Shock DVD release of the film.

The katakana spelling most often used for the monster's name, グリホン, is unique, as "griffon" or "gryphon" is usually translated into Japanese as グリフォン (Gurifon), as is the case with the ship GX-813 Griffon from Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.[8] The latter spelling is, however, sometimes used for the monster.[6][9] The katakana spelling グリホン is also used for the creature in the 2017 novel GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse.


The Griffon is a giant male lion with huge black condor wings grafted onto its body.


The Griffon is the result of one of Malic's twisted experiments, in which he surgically transplanted the brain of the Black Shark captain Kroiga into the body of a lion and grafted condor wings onto it. Malic then injected the beast with a growth serum, causing her to grow to gigantic size.


Showa Series

Latitude Zero

The Griffon was created by Malic, who surgically implanted the brain of the Black Shark's captain, Kroiga, into a lion and then grafted condor wings onto it. He also gave the Griffon some of his special growth serum, causing her to grow substantially in size in a few seconds. Malic gave the Griffon the first command of intercepting the crew of Alpha, but the creature disobeyed and stayed perched in the mountains. Later, after the Black Shark had been caught in a magnetic field, Griffon swooped in, seeking revenge on her creator. Griffon managed to knock off the aim of the submarine's laser turret, which discharged at the mountainside, thus causing an avalanche which buried the Griffon and the Black Shark.


  • Griffon is incredibly strong, due to possessing the body of a lion and being incredibly large thanks to Malic's growth serum.
  • Griffon can fly at Mach 2.
  • Griffon can use her claws and strong jaws in battle.


GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse

A flock of Griffons attacked Egypt in June of 2021, resulting in the fall of the capital city of Cairo. Failure to eradicate the early Griffons resulted in large numbers of them.[10]

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla

Griffons were still present in North Africa in 2042 during "Operation: Long March," and preyed upon United Earth soldiers along with Giant Rats and the Giant Condor.[11]


Main article: Griffon/Gallery.


The roars of the lion that is used as the body for the Griffon are altered from the roars of King Kong from King Kong vs. Godzilla and King Kong Escapes, as well as Manda's sounds. The roars of the Griffon itself are a combination of altered Toho King Kong roars and Rodan roars.

Griffon's roars


  • Griffon's name is among the various kaiju names sung during the full theme song for the show Godzilla Island.


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Mothra the Godess

2 months ago
Score 0
Griffins are my favorite mythical creature along with dragons, although I agree, it looks more like a manticore without a stinger.


22 months ago
Score 0
The Griffon's mentioned in the Godzilla Island theme extended version. "Mechani-Kong, Griffon, Kumonga, Fire Rodan"


31 months ago
Score 0
This monster may well be called a Griffon, but it's actually a manticore; in order to be called a Griffon, his head would have to be that of a bird.


17 months ago
Score 0
Well yeah, but in order to be called a manticore, it would need a scorpion tail.


31 months ago
Score 0
He confuses me. His name is griffon, but he's a manticora

Green Blob Thing

33 months ago
Score 0
It would have been awesome seeing Godzilla fight this creature if it matched his size.


33 months ago
Score 0
Couldn't agree more


34 months ago
Score 0
Should we add the Lion and giant vulture to the site?


33 months ago
Score 1

Green Blob Thing

33 months ago
Score 1
There's not much point in having the lion on its own page as this kaiju is pretty much just it but with wings grafted on and a human mind implanted in its head.


33 months ago
Score 1
We only have the condor page because its a separate entity which served as a component of Griffon. The lion itself is less of a component and more of a vessel of which those components are attached. In my book, the lion and Griffon are synonymous, one is just a genetically altered version of another.
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