"Island of Lost Ships"

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Godzilla Episodes
"The Horror of Forgotten Island"
"Island of Lost Ships"
"The Magnetic Terror"
"Island of Lost Ships"
Island of Lost Ships
Series Godzilla
Episode # 9
Air date November 4, 1978

"Island of Lost Ships" is the ninth episode of Godzilla.


The Calico Crew are caught in the middle of a storm while on a course for Greece. Upon reaching the end of the storm, Brock hears an unusual noise that sounds like singing coming from a nearby island, prompting Quinn to jokingly remark that it's coming from Sirens. The joking ends however when the crew notices that they're heading straight for a rock formation. When the crew tries to inform Majors to navigate around it, they discover Majors in a trance, hypnotized by the singing. Unable to snap Majors out of his hypnosis, the Calico crashs into the Rocks, leaving the crew stranded on the island. With no other option, Godzooky calls out to Godzilla, and the Monster King carries the crew to safety.

Just as Godzilla leaves, Majors awakens and mentions that he passed out shortly after Brock heard the singing, as well as that their map didn't show any islands in the vicinity of where they were sailing. While Majors and Brock are checking over the Calico for damage, Quinn, Pete, and Godzooky are left to explore the island. While getting a closer look, the trio discover that the island's ruins look new and untouched, but is completely deserted of life. As the trio notice an unsettling statue of a Minotaur, they are confronted by a brunette-haired Woman in a Toga named "Morphea," who welcomes them to their island. Morphea offers the crew hospice, but only on the condition that they stay away from a particular temple nearby. While also looking around, Quinn and Pete also take notice of many destroyed ships in the water below, (as well as another woman in a toga, but with red hair) which raises their suspicions.

Meanwhile, Majors and Brock also explore the inner workings of the island and they find themselves inside a series of underground corridors that resembles a giant stone maze. As they look for a way out of the maze, they are both followed by an eerie growling that is stalking them. When Majors and Brock try to find their way back out, they quick find themselves lost, and the growling reveals to be coming from the Minotaur, having somehow come to life. Majors and Brock flee for their lives, panicking to find the exit to the maze. Quinn and Pete notice the disappearance of Minotaur's statue and they hear Majors and Brock beneath them. Finding them in one of the Maze's overhead openings, Godzooky manages to pull them to safety before the Minotaur can capture them. With the Island's nature becoming more and more unsettling, the crew agrees to leave at once.

Suddenly, the crew are stopped by the appearance of Morphea, the red-head woman, and a blonde-haired woman, who fire a laser from their fingers at Brock, petrifying him into stone, revealing themselves as the Sirens who lured them here. The Sirens plan on keeping them on the island for the next one thousand years. Panicked, Godzooky attempts to hide from the sisters, by hiding in the forbidden temple, revealing that it is housing a Giant Chimera inside of it. Turned loose, the Chimera attacks everyone, causing Majors to call upon Godzilla for help. Godzilla arrives just in time and after a short tussle, the Chimera is sealed back inside of its Temple. Rather than showing gratitude however, the Sirens instead see Godzilla as a threat and they fire their lasers at him, putting the Monster King to sleep.

With Godzilla incapacitated, the Sirens resume their hunt for the other members of the crew. Eventually, they corner Majors and the captain is petrified by their lasers just like Brock. Quinn, Pete, and Godzooky attempt to flee by hiding in an unknown doorway (unaware that it is the entrance to the maze.) As the three of them enter the maze, the Sirens discover that the entrance is open and they use their singing to hypnotize them out of hiding. While Pete and Godzooky are out of reach for their singing to take effect, Quinn falls under their hypnotic singing and is lured out only to be petrified as well. Rather than find Pete and Godzooky though, the Sirens instead release the Minotaur from his petrification to find them. Using their wits, Pete and Godzooky manage to outsmart the Minotaur while in the maze and ultimately manage to lock the creature inside of a small room, trapping it. Godzooky manages to find another overhead opening and both he and Pete manage to escape the maze yet again.

Meanwhile, the Sirens grow impatient with the Minotaur for taking so long. Fearing that Pete and Godzooky have eluded it, the other sisters merge with Morphea, transforming her into one giant Siren. Using her improved power, Morphea releases the Chimera and puts it under her control, sending it to destroy the Calico to prevent Pete and Godzooky from leaving. Pete attempts to awaken Godzilla from his subdued slumber but to no avail. Then when Morphea and the Chimera notice them, the Chimera captures Godzooky and threatens to kill him. Hearing that Godzooky is in trouble, Godzilla finally awakens from his sleep and prepares to re-engage the Chimera in battle. Knowing that the Chimera is not strong enough to beat Godzilla, Morphea merges herself with the beast, boosting its power and size to match that of Godzilla's. Godzilla and the Chimera resume their fight as the Sun begins to set. Finally, the Chimera is tricked into falling off a cliff, and the water below kills both the Chimera and the Sirens.

With the sisters dead, Majors, Quinn, and Brock are freed from their petrification and together, the crew and Godzilla all escape from the island just as it disappears into thin-air, for the next one thousand years.



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese 遭難船の島 Sōnansen no Shima[1] Shipwreck Island


Part 1 of "Island of Lost Ships"
Part 2 of "Island of Lost Ships"
Part 3 of "Island of Lost Ships"


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