Kaiju: Island of Fire

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Kaiju: Island of Fire
Kaiju: Island of Fire poster
Directed by Andrew L Phillips[1]
Producer Wes Wing, Avery Guerra, James Christy
Music by Mike Trebilcock
Production company North Star Pictures JP
Running time 108 minutes[2]
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The gates of hell have opened

— Tagline

Kaiju: Island of Fire is an upcoming independent Japanese kaiju film written and directed by Andrew L Phillips and produced by North Star Pictures JP. It will star Wes Wing, Thelma Rún Heimisdóttir, Toshihiro Wakita, Emma Stuart-Box, Yutaka Nozawa, Michael Cristoph, and Michael Wayne Herrington Jr. Planned as the first of a series, it has a tentative 2023 release date.[1]


When a geological anomaly is discovered by a team of scientists on an ancient Japanese Island. After the members of a construction team, who were in the process of building a new military base there, go missing, a combined military and science task force is sent to investigate. Once on the island, the task force encounters a foreboding, fiery landscape now home to a strange and terrifying creature, capable of destroying them...and all who venture near![1]


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Andrew L Phillips
  • Written by   Andrew L Phillips
  • Assistant producer   Wes Wing
  • Executive producer   James Christy
  • Music by   Mike Trebilcock
  • Edited by   Andrew L Phillips
  • Cinematography by   Andrew L Phillips
  • Consulting producer   Avery Guerra
  • Special effects consultant   Hiroshi Katagiri
  • Visual effects supervisor   Duncan Buckley
  • Creature designer   Kakeru Haraguchi


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Thelma Rún Heimisdóttir   as   Björnsdóttir
  • Toshihiro Wakita   as   Ogami
  • Emma Stuart-Box   as   Watts
  • Yutaka Nozawa   as   Miura
  • Michael Cristoph   as   Nielsen
  • Michael Wayne Herrington Jr.   as   Jones
  • Kent Gilbert   as   General Beech
  • Chuck Wilson   as   General of the Air Force McTiernan
  • Tomoko Ai   as   Dr. Junko Tachikawa
  • Inge Murata   as   Dr. Katerina Nielsen
  • Tom Constantine[3]   as   Briar
  • Robert Scott Field[3]   as   O'Kane
  • Duncan Buckley[3]   as   Duncan Buckley
  • Key[3]   as   Locke
  • Cedric Watine[3]   as   Guerre
  • Eri Nishimoto[3]   as   Tachikawa
  • Wes Wing   as   Davis
  • Phil Atherton   as   Phil English
  • Cedric Watine   as   Guerre



  • Fire kaiju


Development on Kaiju: Island of Fire dates back to at least 2019.[4] It has cast several veteran actors who previously appeared in kaiju films, citing the works of 3Y Film like Nezura 1964 and Hoshi 35 as inspiration.[1]


To be added.



Alternate titles

  • KAIJU Part One: Island of Fire[2]
  • KAIJU[5]


Teaser trailer

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