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Kaijumax is an ongoing comic book series written and illustrated by Zander Cannon, and published by Oni Press. Set in a world where giant monsters live in the shadow of the technologically-sophisticated human race, it follows the lives of the inmates of a maximum-security kaiju prison, as well as their captors and families. The first two six-issue seasons, published in 2015 and 2016, focused on the insect kaiju Electrogor and his efforts to escape Kaijumax and reunite with his two children. In the current season, which will conclude in December 2017, the timid Creature of Devil's Creek becomes an informant. Cannon has announced that the fourth season will revolve around the women's kaiju prison.[1]

The series incorporates a large cast, multiple intersecting plotlines, and a distinctive kaiju slang steeped in references to the genre. At the end of each issue, Cannon answers fan mail, reviews a kaiju film or television show that influenced his writing, challenges the reader to find a particular small kaiju hidden in one of the panels, and occasionally provides advice on how to work in the comic book industry.

Kaijumax's blend of cartoonish art and mature themes have won it widespread praise, along with a 2016 Eisner Award nomination for Best New Series.


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