Kong's Kingdom

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Kong's Kingdom
Kong's Kingdom
Author(s) Julia Simon-Kerr
Publisher HarperFestival
Publish date November 8, 2005
Genre Children's Book
ISBN ISBN 978-0060773021

Kong's Kingdom, also known as Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World: Kong's Kingdom is a children's book based on the 2005 Universal King Kong film. It was released in November of 2005, and was written by Julia Simon-Kerr and illustrated by Peter Bollinger and Robert Papp.


On the lonely skull island lived the giant gorilla known as Kong. He lived a hard life on an island full of dinosaurs, bats, and giant insects. For nearly as long as Kong could remember, he had been the last of his kind, but once there had been a great and mighty species of creatures like him. After being given Ann Darrow as an offering by the local islanders, he began carrying her to his cave, but during their travels and many dinosaur battles, he came to get to know her, and began carrying her close to his chest like he would an infant of his species, rather than in his fist. However, as he tried to swing across a great chasm, the vines came loose and sent him tumbling to the floor of the crevice. There Kong saw an enormous gorilla, and he growled in defiance while Ann approached it, revealing and indicating to Kong that it was simply a statue of another member of Kong's species. Slowly Kong began to understand. he had been alone for so long that he had forgotten what he and his kind looked like. He missed being part of a family, but Ann helped him to remember that he had not always been the only one.


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