Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure (2023)

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Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure
Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure
Written by
  • Siegfried Trent
  • Michael Bramnik
  • Ivis K. Flanagan
Publisher Evil Genius Games
Pages 128
Genre Tabletop RPG

The Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure[a] is a campaign and supplementary sourcebook designed for Evil Genius Games' tabletop roleplaying game Everyday Heroes.[1] It is a part of their "Cinematic Adventures" line of products featuring new storylines based on popular movie properties, including Rambo and Pacific Rim. While its main campaign, "Sliver of the Skull," takes place in 2015, a few months after the events of the 2014 Godzilla film, it profiles monsters, characters, equipment, and vehicles from various periods of the Monsterverse to encourage homebrew storytelling. The digital version of the sourcebook was released in early 2023, and a physical edition followed on June 1, 2023.[1]


  • Credits (p. 2)
  • Table of Contents (p. 3)
  • Foreword (p. 4)
  • Part I: Introduction (p. 5)
  • Part II: Hero Options (p. 16)
    • (p. 16) Player Tips for Skull Island
    • (p. 17) Backgrounds
    • (p. 17) Professions
    • (p. 19) Classes
    • (p. 19) Field Researcher (Smart Hero)
    • (p. 22) Monster Hunter (Tough Hero)
    • (p. 24) Feats
    • (p. 25) Equipment
  • Part III: New Rules (p. 28)
    • (p. 28) Absolute Armor
    • (p. 28) Cinematic Actions
    • (p. 29) Combat Complications
    • (p. 31) Combat Conditions
    • (p. 33) Survival Mode
    • (p. 33) Titanic Scale
  • Part IV: Game Master Advice (p. 36)
    • (p. 36) Themes
    • (p. 37) The Hand of Kong
    • (p. 37) Random Weather
    • (p. 37) Random Encounter Tables
    • (p. 39) Adventure Ideas
  • Part V: The Adventure (p. 40)
    • (p. 40) Foreword
    • (p. 40) Sliver of the Skull
    • (p. 41) Introduction
    • (p. 45) Act I: Rough Waters
    • (p. 56) Act II: Clutches of the Compass
    • (p. 69) Act III: Kings and Queens
  • Part VI: The Cast (p. 80)
    • (p. 80) Supporting Cast
    • (p. 98) Titans
    • (p. 102) Key Characters
    • (p. 107) Pregenerated Heroes


The level-three campaign present in the book, "Sliver of the Skull", is set in 2015. Monarch agents team with Kong to defeat a provoked Titan endangering Skull Island. The New Rules section also provides three brief template adventures bringing players into conflict with Titans, as well as four adventure ideas set on Skull Island.


Everyday Heroes is an RPG tabletop gaming system. It is based on d20 Modern and the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, adapted to suit campaigns set in the real world's modern era.[2] The most significant rule introduced in the Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure is Titanic Scale, reflecting the impossibility of humans defeating Titans in head-to-head combat. The others are Absolute Armor, for especially resilient enemies; Cinematic Actions, which make certain enemies more dangerous to players; Combat Complications such as tidal waves and landslides; Combat Conditions, broken into terrain, weather, and natural traps; and a more challenging Survival Mode.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Publisher   D. Todd Scott
  • Project Manager   Jennifer Barnette
  • Game Designer   Sigfried Trent
  • Adventure Designers   Michael Bramnik, Ivis K. Flanagan
  • Developers   Chris "Goober" Ramsley, Owen K. C. Stephens
  • Editor   David Larkins
  • Layout Designer   Charlotte Irrgang
  • Art Directors   Dave Scott, Bora Haxhirai
  • Cover Artist   David Chen
  • Interior Artists   Aron Hommer, Stefan Milosavljevic, Joszef Valko, Bhavesh Visram
  • Map Artists   Tom Cartos, Dominique Cornfield, Jason Juta
  • Accessibility Consultant   Parham Doustdar
  • Special Thanks   Chris Anderson and Wikizilla.org




Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations

  • Monarch
  • Janos Biotech
  • Iwi
  • Dauntless
  • Compass Rose
  • Sonic Emitter

The Cast

The book's "The Cast" section lists stat blocks for the human and monster characters featured in the campaign, as well as for additional Skull Island denizens who can be used in a custom story. Some of the entries are also accompanied by a bio, detailing canonical information about their subject. Included among the entries are three brand-new superspecies—the Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Flower, and Dream Slime—as well as the Snarehunters and Shocker Squids introduced in the campaign. The full list is as follows:


  • Apex Agent
  • Apex Field Researcher
  • Apex Security
  • Iwi Hunter
  • Iwi Elder
  • Iwi Scout
  • Monarch Defense Officer
  • Monarch Tactical Officer
  • Monarch Field Researcher



Key characters

Pregenerated heroes

  • J. Zhang, hunter
  • S. Martinez-Cunia, pilot
  • D. Cohen, researcher
  • Z. Kalisa, medic
  • B. Lecinq, intel


Concept art




  1. Also written as Kong: Skull Island - A Cinematic Adventure on the cover and occasionally described within the book as simply Kong: Skull Island.


This is a list of references for Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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