Kyuichiro Kashiwagi

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Kyuichiro Kashiwagi
Kyuichiro Kashiwagi
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Doctor
First appearance Rodan
Played by Akihiko Hirata

Dr. Kyuichiro Kashiwagi (柏木久一郎,   Kashiwagi Kyūichirō) is a character in the 1956 kaiju film, Rodan.


Showa era


A renowned paleontologist, Professor Kyuichiro Kashiwagi was summoned to Kitamatsu for the purposes of identifying the giant insects which had been attacking the miners there. Kashiwagi identified them as Meganulons. Later, when all the Meganulons disappeared and strange UFOs began to terrorize the skies over Japan, the Japanese Self-Defense Force called on Professor Kashiwagi's expertise to help determine what sort of creature could be causing all the trouble. With the help of Shigeru Kawamura, who had seen the creature hatch from its egg, Kashiwagi was able to determine that the "UFOs" were actually a mated pair of Rodans.


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