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A Laitian with their baby in Godzilla Rivals: Vs. SpaceGodzilla
Homeworld Pellucidia[1]
Allies Ophiogans (resistance faction)
Enemies Ophiogans (cultist faction)
First appearance Godzilla Rivals: Vs. SpaceGodzilla

The Laitians[1] are an insect-like alien race that appeared in the 2023 IDW Publishing comic Godzilla Rivals: Vs. SpaceGodzilla. Residents of the planet Pellucidia, the Laitians found themselves caught in the midst of a battle for the planet against their fellow Pellucidian residents, the Ophiogans, when SpaceGodzilla fell to the planet.


The Laitians are never identified by any name within the comic itself; creator Matt Frank revealed their name in an interview with Wikizilla. The name itself may be derived from the word "laity".


Godzilla Rivals: Vs. SpaceGodzilla

The Laitians are a race of insect-like beings that resided on the planet Pellucidia. While the reptilian Ophiogans were able to enjoy lavish lifestyles in vast cities, the Laitians were forced to serve the Ophiogans and lived in slums outside of the cities. The injustice suffered by the Laitians was only amplified by the propagation of a new religion from the Ophiogans who began worshipping mysterious crystals that appeared across the planet, which quickly became the center of the planet's economy. The Ophiogans horded the quartz and left the Laitians with very little, which the religious Ophiogans believed was simply the will of the quartz. At one point, one Laitian carrying their child attempted to appeal to the Ophiogan Grand Archpriest to help their people’s plight, only to be turned away.

After SpaceGodzilla fell to the planet's surface, the Laitian carrying their child watched in horror alongside their fellow Pellucidians as the space monster decimated their cities and military forces, though the quartz-worshipping faction of the Ophiogans maintained that SpaceGodzilla was in fact their savior and sought to disrupt any and all military action employed against him. As SpaceGodzilla ventured towards a giant crystalline object that the Ophiogans revered, the Laitian met with members of a resistance group composed of other Laitians and Ophiogans alike who opposed the cultist faction of the Ophiogans. Together, they made plans to destroy the crystalline object, believing that its destruction would send SpaceGodzilla away. However, the Ophiogan Grand Archpriest arrived with his forces and stopped them, forcing the Laitian to flee as a firefight ensued, unable to stop SpaceGodzilla from reaching the crystal. As SpaceGodzilla absorbed the crystal’s energy, he became so powerful that he spawned endless crystals that overtook the planet and decimated its surface, destroying entire cities and sparking volcanic eruptions. The vast majority of Laitians and Ophiogans were slaughtered in the event, though the one Laitian who attempted to stop the Grand Archpriest was able to reach an escape vessel in the nick of time and reunited with their baby. As the few escape vessels left Pellucidia's surface, surviving Laitians and Ophiogans could only watch as the entire planet fell to the might of SpaceGodzilla - courtesy of the Ophiogan cult, whose actions ensured the end of their world.



  • Matt Frank revealed additional information concerning the Laitians in his interview with Wikizilla[1]:
    • The Laitians are born as eggs which hatch into larvae. Upon pupating into adults, the Laitians develop chitinous armor and gastric endoskeletons to support their weight.
    • The Laitians have a very strong sense of community and regard all of their fellow Laitians as family, though the slums they are forced to reside in are unable to support large communities. The Laitians have broods upwards of six or seven, but often form interconnective family groups.
    • Sexual dimorphism occurs within the Laitians, with females having a tendency to be larger than males. However, females are rarely able to retain a healthy natural weight as a result of the harsh living restrictions imposed upon them.
    • The Laitians are described as an industrious race and can build their own homes with ease when provided with the resources, though this organic material they use is horded by the Ophiogans, leaving the Laitians with very little. As a result, their homes are rife with crime and disease.
  • Singura was created using Laitian and Ophiogan DNA.[1]


This is a list of references for Laitian. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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