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Lutz in Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe
Species Human
Nationality Mexican
Occupation Tour Pilot
Airline Pilot (Formerly)
First appearance Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe

Lutz is a fictional sightseeing pilot that first appeared in the 1996 comic, Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe by Dark Horse Comics. He serves as the series' narrator and reflects on the events that occur.


Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe

Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe #1

At one point in his life, Lutz was a promising airline pilot, however a series of poor decisions left him in Guanajota Harbor on the Pacific coast of Mexico giving sightseeing tours in an old pontoon plane. Unfortunately, his business started off quite slowly, so he tried to set up an added attraction in the form of a freak show, showcasing a monster. The monster, in reality was simply to be Lutz' pet dog wearing a stuffed extra head. As he was attempting to affix the head to the dog it bit him, and he was approached by a girl. She said she was interested in seeing the Monster, which Lutz explained was not working at the moment, and instead offered her a seaplane ride. In the air, she became worried about the plane's safety, but Lutz assured her there was nothing to worry about. He then learned that her name was Asagi Kusanagi, and that she came from Japan on business with her friend Mayumi Nagamine, an ornithologist. Asagi however, had been sent by her father to learn from travel. Lutz remarked that he had done a lot of traveling and still turned out stupid. He then asked about her interest in Monsters, and she began to tell of a monster that she knew called Gamera. Lutz instantly recognized the name, and Asagi told of how last year she had helped Gamera to defend Japan from Gyaos, during the events of Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. Lutz recognized the story from the newspapers, but they had never mentioned Kusanagi, and her claims of a psychic link to Gamera made him think that she might be crazy, as her magic amulet began to glow and she claimed Gamera was calling her. Just as Lutz noticed that Guanajota was on fire, Gamera flew past the plane. On seeing Gyaos attacking the city, Lutz began to wonder if he was dreaming. As Gyaos attacked Gamera, Kusanagi's cheek split open, and she claimed that it was part of her connection to Gamera. Being thoroughly frightened, Lutz landed and kicked her out fearing that she was attracting the monsters, and refused her attempts to pay for her trip.

Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe #2

Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe #3

Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe #4

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