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Mason Weaver
Mason Weaver in Kong: Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality American
Gender Female
Occupation Investigative Photojournalist
Related to Unknown
First appearance Kong: Skull Island
Played by Brie Larson
We don't belong here.

— Mason Weaver (Kong: Skull Island)

Mason Weaver is a character in the 2017 Legendary Pictures film, Kong: Skull Island.

Character Description

A street-smart investigative photojournalist and self-described “anti-war photographer,” Weaver has seen the monster of humanity at war. Her suspicions sparked, Weaver’s curiosity about the mission’s true purpose drives her to maneuver her way onboard as team photographer. But once they cross over onto Skull Island, she is plunged into the biggest story of her life – one that will confront all her journalistic instincts and ethics.[1]


Kong: Skull Island

As Weaver was in a darkroom developing photos, she received a call from her friend and contact, Jerry. He told her that she got the job to join the Skull Island expedition and asked Weaver why she was interested in a mapping mission when currently up for the cover of TIME Magazine. Weaver said that after hearing three different sources tell her the same thing word for word, she believed the "expedition" to be something else with ulterior motives. Arriving at the location of the ship Athena in Bangkok, Thailand, Weaver met Colonel Preston Packard, who said it was because of "people like her" that the American troops in Vietnam lost support back home. Confused by his claim, she asked if he was really going to blame people without guns for America losing the war. Though Packard said a camera was more dangerous than a gun and that they didn't lose the war but abandoned it, Mason simply scoffed at him and boarded the ship. After attending the mission briefing, Weaver found James Conrad in the cargo hold examining crates containing the seismic charges for the expedition, asking him why a "geological mapping mission" would need explosives.

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