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Mutant Starfish
There are no images of the mutant starfish
Alternate names Hitodah (fan name)
Species Mutated starfish
Planned for Godzilla vs. the Mutant Starfish
Concept history Second HedorahRed Moon/ErabusGigan

The Mutant Starfish is an unused kaiju from the unmade 1972 Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. the Mutant Starfish.


Nothing is known of the creature's appearance, outside the fact that it would have been a gigantic mutated starfish.


Following the release of Godzilla vs. Hedorah in 1971, director Yoshimitsu Banno planned a direct follow up to his film. This time, Banno envisioned Godzilla's opponent as a giant mutated starfish, created either through polluted waters similar to Hedorah or from radiation emitted from a fallen meteorite. However, Banno discarded the idea in favor of a direct sequel to Godzilla vs. Hedorah pitting Godzilla against a second Hedorah in Africa.

The Mutant Starfish was later revealed to western readers through a published interview with Banno featured in the 2001 book TokyoScope: The Japanese Cult Film Companion by Patrick Macias, with collaborators 'Happy' Ujihashi, Kinji Fukasaku and Takashi Miike.


  • The mutant starfish never received an official finalized name, but various American fans and Godzilla-related websites have given the creature the unofficial moniker of "Hitodah," which is a play on the Japanese phrase for starfish, "Hitode." It should be noted that this is not the Mutant Starfish's actual name despite its heavy usage online.
  • Although not gigantic monsters themselves, the Barem, toxic starfishes spawned by and in the service to the larger sea monster Dagahra from the 1997 film Rebirth of Mothra 2, share some similarities with the Mutant Starfish.
  • While Godzilla has yet to battle an echinoderm-based kaiju, a gigantic yet immobile starfish does make a brief appearance in Hanna-Barbera's Godzilla episode The Macro-Beasts.

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