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The Nightboys' model from Skull Island
Alternate names Gremlin, goblin
Species Humanoid creature
Place(s) of emergence Skull Island
Allies Other Nightboys
Enemies Humans, Dog
Designed by MinJi Yoon, Jung-Ha Kim[1]
First appearance Skull Island episode 6,
"Terms of Endearment"
More roars
Mercenary #1: “Her animal's back.
Mercenary #2: “And it's fighting a bunch of... gremlins that used to be a tree.
― Two mercenaries (Skull Island episode 6, "Terms of Endearment")

Nightboys are humanoid monsters that appeared in episode 6 of the 2023 Netflix Original animated Monsterverse series Skull Island, entitled "Terms of Endearment". Upon awakening, the Nightboys attacked Charlie, Annie, and Dog, but were later killed by Irene's mercenaries.


The Nightboy's name was revealed in Powerhouse Animation's model sheet for them.[1] In "Terms of Endearment", Irene's mercenaries simply refer to them as "gremlins" and "goblins".


Nightboys are humanoid creatures with vaguely-insectoid traits. Their bodies are entirely white with the exception of their fingers, which are grey. They have four yellow eyes, insect-like mandibles accompanied by several fangs, five grey spikes on their backs, and a short tail with a grey tip.


Nightboys seemingly dislike being woken up and will attack anyone who disturbs them in their sleep.



Skull Island

"Terms of Endearment"

Charlie and Dog prepared to infiltrate Irene's mercenaries' camp to liberate CapMike, and Annie. Positioned on a hill overlooking the camp, Charlie planned to set a tree on fire as a distraction. Dog began growling as he approached the tree, but Charlie waved off his concerns, only to find that what he thought was the tree's bark was a group of sleeping Nightboys tightly nestled around each other. Angered by the flames, they awoke and began to peel off the tree, with one tackling Charlie to the ground, then targeting Dog along with several of its companions. He deflected the first three, but two clung to his back. When a third one pounced, Charlie clubbed it with the torch. Dog shrugged off the Nightboys attached to him, thrashing one around in his jaws and throwing it, while Charlie batted another away. The sounds of their fight and the light of the torch alerted the camp below, and despite being handcuffed, Annie charged towards them, calling to Dog, who returned her cry. She leapt over and kicked the first two Nightboys to attack her, but a third pinned her to the ground, its jaws only held back by her cuffs. Dog intervened, grabbing the monster in his jaws and slamming it repeatedly into the ground. They celebrated their reunion as the mercenaries joined the fight, eliminating the remaining Nightboys with gunfire.


Physical capabilities

Nightboys possess enough strength to pin down prey equal in size to them. They are also able to leap to great heights and are adept climbers, being able to perch themselves high on trees.


Unlike most Skull Island fauna, the Nightboys don't seem to be difficult to engage in hand-to-hand combat, as Charlie was able to easily club a Nightboy that lunged at him. They are also vulnerable to gunfire.


Main article: Nightboy/Gallery.


The Nightboys reuse stock roars that have been previously utilized by Gallas from Kaiju Ward Gallas and Ace Killer in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3.

Nightboy roars (begins at 3:55)


This is a list of references for Nightboy. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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