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The Ophiogan Grand Archpriest and his cultists in Godzilla Rivals Vs. SpaceGodzilla
Leader Grand Archpriest[1] (cultist faction); unnamed commander (military leader)
Pawns Singura
Homeworld Pellucidia[1]
Allies Laitians
Enemies Laitians
First appearance Godzilla Rivals: Vs. SpaceGodzilla

The Ophiogans[1] are a snake-like alien race that appeared in the 2023 IDW Publishing comic Godzilla Rivals: Vs. SpaceGodzilla. After SpaceGodzilla fell to their planet, chaos erupted between opposing factions of the Ophiogans; while the military attempted to stop the space invader at all costs, a cultist faction of Ophiogans believed that SpaceGodzilla was their prophesized savior, known as the "Crystal King".


The Ophiogans are never identified by any name within the comic itself; creator Matt Frank revealed their name in an interview with Wikizilla. The name likely stems from ophis - the Greek word for snake or serpent.


Godzilla Rivals: Vs. SpaceGodzilla

The Ophiogans are a race of snake-like reptilian beings that resided on the planet Pellucidia. The upper-class Ophiogans were able to enjoy lavish lifestyles in vast cities, while their fellow Pellucidian inhabitants, the Laitians, were forced to serve the Ophiogans. At some point in the past, the inexplicable appearance of mysterious crystals on Pellucidia's surface led to the rise of a major religion from Ophiogans who worshipped the quartz, which also became the center of the planet's economy. The Ophiogans even constructed a vast church around one particularly large crystalline object, where the Ophiogan Grand Archpriest hosted regular sermons. These religious Ophiogans were at odds with the Ophiogan military and the Laitians, with the Ophiogan Grand Archpriest actively refusing to help the Laitians from the injustices their people faced. Most of these quartz-worshipping cultists believed that the social inequality of their planet was merely the will of the quartz.

While mining an asteroid that orbited the planet for quartz, the Ophiogan military accidentally awakened SpaceGodzilla, who fell to the surface of Pellucidia. Though many civilians could only watch his arrival frozen in horror, some of the more devoutly religious Ophiogans believed SpaceGodzilla was their savior known as "the Crystal King" – even after he promptly crushed some members of this cult who ventured to greet him. The Ophiogan military proceeded to engage the monster under the orders of their commander, though SpaceGodzilla quickly proved unstoppable. The Ophiogan commander then ordered the release of Singura - a monster created from Laitian and Ophiogan DNA. As the two titans dueled, a cultist Ophiogan who infiltrated the military abruptly executed the commander and several other military leaders, inadvertently leading to Singura's demise. Elsewhere, a group of resistance fighters composed of Laitians and Ophiogans alike who opposed the cultist Ophiogan faction plotted to destroy the crystalline object SpaceGodzilla was seeking, hoping that its destruction would send SpaceGodzilla away. However, the Grand Archpriest intercepted them and brought an end to their mission, triggering a shootout that ended when SpaceGodzilla finally arrived and tore the church's roof off. The Grand Archpriest joyously welcomed his savior, only to be ignored and crushed as SpaceGodzilla grabbed the crystalline object. As SpaceGodzilla absorbed the crystal's energy, he became so powerful that he spawned endless crystals that overtook the planet and decimated its surface, destroying entire cities and sparking volcanic eruptions. The vast majority of Laitians and Ophiogans were slaughtered in the event, though some escape vessels were able to depart in the nick of time to escape the planet. Aboard the vessels, some Ophiogans looked at their quartz necklaces with regret as the entire planet fell to the might of SpaceGodzilla, thanks to the actions of the cult of crystal worshippers.



  • Matt Frank revealed additional information concerning the Ophiogans in his interview with Wikizilla:[1]
    • With little to no sexual dimorphism present in their race, the Ophiogans rely on pheromones to differentiate between sexes. This has led to the development of pheromone-boosting treatments which can only be afforded by the wealthy, though some of these treatments are fraudulent remedies.
    • Ophiogans have evolved past laying eggs and now give live birth.
    • The Ophiogans have a thriving scientific and philosophical class, which has allowed a faction to develop who have become aware of the social injustices that plague their planet. However, because their economy has become so dependent upon the sacred quartz and the inherent religious connection to the quartz, social progress has stalled.
  • Singura was created using Laitian and Ophiogan DNA.


This is a list of references for Ophiogan. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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