"Original Sin"

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"Original Sin"
Original Sin
Performed by Catherine Bott,[1] Deborah Miles-Johnson,[1] Andrew Busher,[1] Michael George[1]
Composed by Shiro Sagisu
Arranged by Masamichi Amano,[1] Shiro Sagisu
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski,[1] Shiro Sagisu
Heard in Shin Ultraman

"Original Sin" (原罪に身を置き,   Genzai ni Mi o Oki) is a song composed by Shiro Sagisu for the soundtrack of the 2022 film Shin Ultraman.


In the beginning, there was no forgiving
with malice unheard of no need for redemption (then)

temptation reared its ugly head from out of nowhere
primeval sin was borne within to last forever

and to lust, you shall befall
gluttony on you will call
avarice will beckon you
and in sloth, you will abuse

feel the wrath from deep inside
envy of the other side
foolish pride and vainglory
to the sins you will abide[2]


Original Sin


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Shin Ultraman Music Collection (booklet). King Records. 22 June 2022.


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