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A group of Pairans in Warning from Space
Leader Ginko Amano
Homeworld Planet Paira
First appearance Warning from Space

The Pairans (パイラ星人,   Paira Seijin, lit. Paira Star People) are a benevolent race of starfish-like aliens who first appear in the 1956 Daiei film, Warning from Space.


The Pairans are a race of creatures which resemble starfish. They have one massive eye in the center of their bodies. When in their true forms, the Pairans are shown to be very large, with a height of at least 4 meters.


Showa era

Warning from Space

A small Pairan ship travels and connects to a bigger one. In it, the Pairans discuss how to warn humans of the incoming threat they just discovered. Later, Pairans have been unsuccessfully attempting to contact humans. They start appearing in buildings, rivers, and lakes scaring the citizens of Japan. A Pairan manages to get a photo of Hikari Aozora, a popular Japanese entertainer. The plan is for a Pairan to mutate into the form of Hikari Aozora. A Pairan leader, Ginko Amano, volunteers herself. She gets in a circular device and slowly starts to mutate into a human form. Toru, find Ginko in the water. Sometime after she was rescued, she starts showing superhuman abilities such as jumping 10 feet high and appearing in different places without making any sound. She was also shown to completely understand Matsuda's work on a nuclear device, leading him to doubt is she's actually human. Later, scientists discuss her superhuman abilities and the ability to understand how a nuclear device works, Ginko levitates towards them and reveals her true identity. She explains to them that she is from Planet Paira and tells them that a rogue planet is about to hit the Earth. They appeal to the World Congress about the situation but are rejected. Not much after, the World Congress considered it real and a threat, they launch nuclear weapons at the rogue planet with hope to destroy it, but the missiles were proven ineffective. Pairans then create a nuclear weapon of their own using Matsuda's formula and destroy the rogue planet, saving the Earth. Ginko then returns to the ship and mutates back into a Pairan.


  • Pairans can take the form of a human being through mutation to avoid being detected.
  • When transformed into a human form, Pairans display various superhuman characteristics:
    • They are extraordinary jumpers, being able to leap to heights of ten feet.
    • They can teleport and materialize in new locations without needing to walk.
  • Pairans can communicate with other Pairans via telepathy.



Warning from Space


  • Interestingly, The Paira Aliens were advertised as giant rampaging monsters in publicity stills for the 1958 release, even though no such scene takes place in the movie.
  • A lone Pairan makes a cameo appearance in the Zigra anatomy artwork used for Shout! Factory's 2011 DVD release of Gamera vs. Zigra and Gamera: Super Monster, trapped within one of the monster's three stomachs alongside various marine animals. The other two house Gamera's child friends and a swarm of Nezura.[1]


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