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A group of Pairans in Warning from Space
Leader Unnamed Leader, Ginko
Homeworld Planet Paira
First appearance Latest appearance
Warning from Space Warning from Space

The Pairans (パイラ星人,   Paira Seijin, lit. Paira Star People) are a benevolent race of starfish-like aliens who first appear in the 1956 Daiei film, Warning from Space.


The Pairans are a race of creatures which resemble starfish. They have one massive eye in the centre of their bodies. When in their true forms, the Pairans are shown to be very large, with a height of at least 4 metres.


Showa era

Warning from Space

A group of Pairans notice a rogue planet threatening to collide with Earth, and travel to Earth to warn the humans of their impending tragedy. They send one of their kind to Earth, but not before giving her a human disguise through mutation. From this point onwards, the aliens endeavoured to warn the humans of their impending fate, all while struggling to keep the truth about them hidden from the humans, out of a fear of being confronted if they were revealed to be from outer space.


  • Pairans can take the form of a human being through mutation to avoid being detected.
  • When transformed into a human form, Pairans display various superhuman characteristics:
    • They are extraordinary jumpers, being able to leap to heights of ten feet.
    • They can teleport and materialise in new locations without needing to walk.

Comic Appearances

Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera

The Giant Pairan escorts Gamera through space in Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera

In this 1995 manga featuring several Kaiju based on unmade Daiei monsters, the Pairans make their sole appearance outside of their debut film. A giant Pairan arrives and escorts Gamera through space.


  • Interestingly, The Paira Aliens were advertised as giant rampaging monsters in publicity stills for the 1958 release, even though no such scene takes place in the movie.


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