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Piranhadon in the extended version of King Kong (2005)
Species Piranhadon Titanus
Length Up to 50 feet[1] (females)
~20 feet[1] (males)
Weight ~14 tons (females)
~2 tons (males)[1]
Allies Other Piranhadons
Enemies Humans, small animals
Portrayed by CGI
First appearance King Kong (2005) (Extended version)

Piranhadon is a fictional species of carnivorous fish which first appeared in the extended version of the 2005 film, King Kong.


The body of a Piranhadon is comparable to a mixture of that of a serpent and fish. They are dark green above the white below with heads which resemble that of piranhas, as well as a pair of green glassy eyes. A dorsal fin runs from Piranhadon's head to its back and has two pectoral fins and two long barbels on their lower jaws.


King Kong (2005)

In the extended cut of Peter Jackson's 2005 King Kong, A Piranhadon is seen swimming towards a raft before attacking it and breaking it apart. This causes the raft's passengers to plummet in to the water below. The Piranhadon ate one crew member while he was trying to escape before spotting Jack Driscoll in the water. The beast swam towards him, opening its jaws in preparation of swallowing Jack. However, the Piranahdon's mouth became stuck between 2 trees, allowing for Jack Driscoll to make his escape. As the Piranhadon freed itself and went on to eat another crew member from the sunken raft, Carl Denham and a number of other passengers of a second raft close by grabbed their guns and began pelting the waters with bullets. This proved unsuccessful as the Piranhadon then flipped the second raft, once again sending the men in to the water. The remaining survivors began swimming to the closest shore, all but one making it, being swallowed whole by the Piranhadon just as it had done to the first raft's crew.


  • Piranhadons can swim at a fairly quick pace.
  • The Piranhadon uses its sensitive barbels to detect the approach of potential prey.[1]


The Piranhadon's eyesight is poor, only able to see differences between light and dark.[1]


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  • Piranhadon was intended to appear in the 2005 King Kong film, King Kong, but the scene was cut, and can be found on the extended version of the King Kong DVD.


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