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Godzilla Singular Point episodes
The title card for "Relaunch"
Series Godzilla Singular Point
Episode # 11
Directed by Seung-hui Son, Takuma Suzuki
Written by Toh EnJoe
Air date
  • June 3, 2021 (Netflix)JP
  • June 10, 2021 (television)
  • June 24, 2021 (Netflix)int'l
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"Relaunch" (りふじんながくふ,   Rifujin na Gakufu, lit. "Irrational Sheet Music") is the eleventh episode of Godzilla Singular Point. Directed by Seung-hui Son and Takuma Suzuki, it debuted on the Japanese Netflix on June 3, 2021, and on Japanese television June 10.


Having been alerted by the recurrence of the mysterious song "ALAPU UPALA", Yun Arikawa and Haberu Kato investigate Misakioku Radio Observatory and the monster skeleton that supposedly released the song. They witness Takehiro Kai and armed men holding Shunya Sato, Tsunetomo Yamamoto, and another Misakioku staff member hostage and moving the skeleton out of the basement, then are captured themselves. Meanwhile, Yukie Kanoko receives a message from Mei Kamino. Back at Misakioku, Takehiro explains to his hostages that the bones belong to a monster that formed the Singular Point found by Michiyuki Ashihara. Yun warns him that there is just one Singular Point, with all of its manifestations connected between dimensions, and its growth has the planet headed towards the Catastrophe. Takehiro dismisses him, believing that humanity must find a way to adapt to the Singular Point. He questions whether even the Orthogonal Diagnolizer can destroy it before departing in one of a trio of helicopters with the bones.

Godzilla battles a Manda in Tokyo. It bites his neck, drawing blood, but he decapitates it with his atomic breath, then uses the ray to strafe several more buildings. At the SHIVA.consortium, Mei Kamino and Tilda Miller argue about the Catastrophe, Mei believing all efforts must be put towards stopping it. Tilda holds that the Orthogonal Diagnolizer code is a higher priority, and that Mei must either be on board or kicked out. Mei then meets up with Bearach "BB" Byrne, his daughter Lina Byrne, and the robot Pelops II. BB tells Mei not to worry about Tilda, as it's better not to challenge her authority if she wants access to the Super Dimension Calculator. BB explains that the compound they're in was designed as a giant computer, although it isn't finished as the Singular Point needed for the calculator to work will take approximately seven years to be fully brought to the surface. BB attempts to let Mei into the room with the calculator, but finds his key card useless; Tilda has already learned that he stole multiple Orthogonal Diagnolizers. BB's group runs from SHIVA's guards as he explains that before her death Li Guiying requested that BB send the weapons around the world to help deal with the Singular Points. The group escapes with the help of Michael Steven.

In Tokyo, Yoshiyasu Matsubara and one of his soldiers observe that Godzilla's presence has triggered over 1,000 earthquakes within an hour, leading to massive foundational damage and flooding across the city. A flock of Rodan spots them, forcing them to take shelter. A trio of Japanese politicians travel to Otaki Factory to request their help against Godzilla, only to be told by Satomi Kanahara that her boss Goro Otaki has already left for Tokyo. Alongside Yun, Haberu, Sato, and Jet Jaguar, he travels by boat through the city. Sato learns from a contact that Takehiro has taken the monster bones to a cargo ship registered in Panama, while Kanoko has flown to Kolkata, India, before the Red Dust surrounding Tokyo causes the connection to fail. As Yun and Haberu listen again to the message put together by Michiyuki Ashihara, they determine it had been telling them to head to Tokyo, where further instructions will be revealed, but cannot be told to them immediately without altering the future. As Jet Jaguar Yung finishes reiterating the message, it states that the action made it uncomfortable emotionally, but is unable to elaborate before an automatic update and reboot. In Kolkata, Yukie meets with Makita K. Nakagawa, who provides her with an Orthogonal Diagnolizer on Li's behalf.

In India, Michael congratulates BB for his work, but both are aware that Tilda will now never let them use SHIVA resources to complete the Orthogonal Diagnolizer. The group travels to a cave that the monster Salunga had used to escape to the surface, aiming to use it to sneak back into SHIVA. There they meet with Takehiro, who questions Mei how she would stop the Catastrophe through the metaphor of Aladdin's lamp. Mei answers that she'd ask the lamp for a way to destroy itself if it was creating the Catastrophe, satisfying him. Takehiro and Michael depart, leaving BB with a new account to access Shiva. In Tokyo, Jet Jaguar remains dormant, having completing its 551st upgrade with more to come. Yun speculates that a modified version of "ALAPU UPALA" held the upgrade through the concept of preformationism, and that the codes Ashihara had written for them weren't just dates, but sectors of Jet Jaguar's memory. Suddenly, the group is attacked by a Rodan, prompting Jet Jaguar to awaken, kill the monster, and crawl to shore to continue updating.

Back in India, Mei, BB, Line, and Pelops II follow a path through the cave where Ashihara, called by "ALAPU UPALA," first discovered SHIVA's Singular Point. They find a boat to lead them across a red river. In Tokyo, Jet Jaguar finishes upgrading and reveals that Jet Jaguar Yung has been replaced with Jet Jaguar PP, a toddler-like personality which can learn quickly. Jet Jaguar then discloses coordinates to 100 meters above Tokyo Station, stating it must arrive there there by the following day to receive Ashihara's final message. It then begins singing "ALAPU UPALA." Mei's group speeds towards the entrance to SHIVA.


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