Resurrection of Godzilla (1980 draft)

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The Return of Godzilla (ゴジラの復活,   Gojira no Fukkatsu, lit. Resurrection of Godzilla) is an unmade 1980 Godzilla film.


Still on the search for the right film to revive Godzilla, Tomoyuki Tanaka finally found a story that illustrated many of the concepts he wanted to return to the series. Many of Tanaka's concepts from this story made it into the final version that went before the cameras in 1984. The story, however, is very different from the final draft.


Bagan, a transforming god, is discovered. After transforming between his three forms, ape, fish, and dragon, he encounters Godzilla, and a battle ensues. Bagan realizes he can't defeat him, so he merges the three forms into a totem pole like beast that is soon defeated by Godzilla.


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