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The Seahawk in King Kong vs. Godzilla
Piloted by Unnamed captain
First appearance King Kong vs. Godzilla

The Seahawk (シーホーク号,   Shīhōku-gō), identified by its insignia as 505, is a fictional United Nations-operated nuclear submarine that appeared in the 1962 Toho film King Kong vs. Godzilla.


Showa era

King Kong vs. Godzilla

With temperatures in the Bering Sea inexplicably climbing and causing ice to melt, the United Nations deployed the Seahawk to investigate. A lookout in the sub's Conning Tower noticed a nearby iceberg emitting a strange glowing light, which one of the scientists aboard identified as the Cherenkov light emitted by nuclear reactors. The captain ordered the sub to approach the iceberg, but as the Seahawk approached part of the iceberg began to collapse. The captain gave the order to begin an emergency dive, but when the Seahawk submerged it collided with the iceberg, disabling its engines. The sub released a yellow dye in the water to signal its location to a potential rescue team. The captain ordered the crew to make repairs, but the engine room caught on fire. With the situation worsening, the captain ordered everyone to try and escape. However, the Conning Tower began to flood and the hatch broke, causing water to pour into the control room. Next, the sub began to catch on fire as the crew heard the unmistakable roar of Godzilla just before the Seahawk completely exploded.

A rescue team was sent to search for the Seahawk in a Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw and located the dye marker in the water. But as the helicopter approached, the iceberg split open and from it Godzilla emerged to threaten the world once more.


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