"Secret of the Underground Cavern"

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Warrior of Love Rainbowman episodes
"The Tanker Destruction Strategy!"
"Secret of the Underground Cavern"
"The Stolen Town"
"Secret of the Underground Cavern"
Secret of the Underground Cavern
Series Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Episode # 13
Directed by Kotaro Arashi, Shin Fukuda
Air date January 16, 1983

"Secret of the Underground Cavern" (地底大洞窟の秘密,   Chitei dai dōkutsu no himitsu) is the thirteenth episode of the Warrior of Love Rainbowman animated series. While the episode itself is currently considered lost media, its screenplay surfaced for sale online, and was purchased by Wikizilla.org administrator The Boy Who Cried Godzilla.


One day at a worksite, a man named Murata speaks to a man named Torai about his upcoming plans until Torai shoots him and two other workers with a tranquilizer and, summoning trucks of Die-Die Gang soldiers, loading them in and driving away. Takeshi Yamato awakens to the sound of his best friend Gota Yamada chasing a boy down the street for stealing some fruit. Takeshi runs out to help when Gota catches him, and stops his friend from taking the boy to the police after seeing a dropped picture of the boy's missing father: Murata from the worksite. While the boy is distrustful of people from the city, he accepts Takeshi's invitation to his family's restaurant for a free meal. Takeshi and Jun's mother makes him chicken and rice, while Jun Yamato, Gota, and his younger brother Shosuke watch. Jun praises the boy, whose name is Goro, on his initiative to travel to the city alone to search for his father, and Shosuke is understanding of his need to steal food after coming all this way with only water. Gota offers to photocopy Mr. Murata's picture, and Takeshi takes one around to various worksites to gather leads. After a conspicuous boom in construction workers at a site downtown, Takeshi heads there first. Unfortunately, the people he asks have not seen Murata. Takeshi then spots Yoko Omiya at a nearby bus stop and calls out to her, but she hurries off as a helicopter hovers over the construction site. Inside the helicopter, Major Heinz is informed by Mr. K that Tokyo has many construction sites, and Heinz then declares that he intends to build a secret base for the gang underneath the city itself. Takeshi chases Yoko down, and asks if she is hungry, thirsty, or wants to go to a movie. She declines each offer, informing Takeshi that if he's looking for a date, he had best look elsewhere. Takeshi is flustered, and insists that she is misunderstanding him, but then smells gas just before the construction site begins to explode. Takeshi grabs Yoko and the two lie low while debris flies overhead. Workers begin running away from the explosion, and fire trucks begin to arrive. Takeshi, hoping to help stranded workers, runs into the construction site, and jumps down into a giant hole that had opened in the ground. It leads him into a strange tunnel that he follows until he discovers a lot of workers being overseen by Mr. Torai. He concludes that he has stumbled upon sewer work, and climbs up a nearby manhole to return to the surface. Torai contacts Major Heinz about someone snooping around the worksite, and the Major berates him about the explosion, which Torai insists was just an accident. To be safe, Heinz orders Torai to refocus his efforts on site B, and privately suspects that the only person who could run through the explosion that quickly to investigate would be Rainbowman. He increases security at the site.

As Torai evacuates his men at another manhole, they are spotted by Shosuke, who recognizes Mr. Murata. Goro runs to his father, who walks past him without recognition. The kids realize something is suspicious, and Torai grabs them and puts them in the back of the car he and the workers are leaving in. Back at the surface level of the construction site, Takeshi discovers a half-completed computer room, and deduces that whatever was being constructed before the explosion was some kind of secret project. He then spots Goro's necklace on the ground near a manhole alongside mud like what he saw down in the tunnel trailing away in a set of tire tracks. Takeshi follows the trail to a series of prefabricated buildings outside of Tokyo, where he is spotted by members of the Die-Die Gang. They go to investigate him, but he seems to disappear. In reality, he hid behind a tree to transform into Rainbowman, and leapt up to come down on the soldiers from above. Torai stops his car and is certain that Rainbowman will not escape him. He transforms into a mutant Deathnoid, and throws a strange belt that traps Rainbowman. He explains that it is made of a special magnetic alloy that prevents Rainbowman from moving. The Die-Die Gang ready their weapons, but using Dash 4's "Leaf Return" technique, he stirs the dead leaves on the ground and has them attack the gang members. With the situation looking dire, a member calls Emperor Dongolos to request the dispatch of a Devil Mecha. He orders Special Armored Officer No. 1993 to become one with the Devil Mecha Gigaidos.

Rainbowman battles workers attacking him using construction machines, including Mr. Murata, but Rainbowman is able to disable the "Sainin mecha" mind control device keeping him in the thrall of the Die-Die Gang. More and more workers begin waking up, and running to safety. A Deathnoid then calls for Rainbowman's attention, as he has Goro, Jun, and Shosuke tied up, and in danger of being crushed by a construction machine. Murata uses construction equipment to scare the Deathnoids off, and Rainbowman frees the children. Murata embraces his son, and Rainbowman encourages them all to get to safety. Just then, the claws of Gigaidos appear before him, and the mecha sprays liquid that dissolves some nearby equipment. Rainbowman ducks behind a nearby bulldozer, which Gigaidos sprays and begins melting away. Rainbowman then summons Rainbow Seven. When the mecha forms, Gigaidos sprays him with its acid, only for it not to affect Rainbow Seven, and splash back on itself, damaging it in the process. Rainbow Seven makes quick work of his adversary and stands triumphant in the setting sun. Jun, Shosuke, Gota, and Takeshi later say goodbye to the Muratas at the train station. Before the boy goes, Takeshi offers him his necklace back, and Goro tells him to keep it, as it was his lucky charm, and it seems to work for Takeshi as well. He tells Takeshi that his father is surely alive as well before getting on the train. Takeshi and the others wave goodbye to their friends, and Major Heinz swears revenge on Rainbowman.


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  • The script used in recording used the early title of "There is a Devil in the Underground."
  • In the list of cast and crew preceding the screenplay, no actors are listed for Goro Murata and his father. This could indicate that they were cast later in the production process.


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